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Thread: Yahoo stop using google?

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    Old Results

    The interesting thing to me about what I see in Yahoo is that the results are really old, by which I mean it seems as if I went back in time when I search for certain phrases. I see results coming up that I haven't seen in a couple of years, and a lot of the newer sites simply are not there. I search primarily for Yellowstone related stuff, so that is the scope of my searches--certainly a limitation. I just couldn't help but notice several really outdated sites of defunct business as well as several pages that I removed a couple years ago. Because Yellowstone is a small community, I am pretty intune with what should and should not be showing up in search engines.

    Just some thoughts. . . .

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    It showing new results for sites that were just created but isn't updating old finds. Ick... I hope they don't turn into lycos.

    What IS THIS THING????
    Yahoo-MMCrawler/3.x (mms dash mmcrawler dash support at yahoo dash inc dot com)

    I just got it in my web logs. Could it really be?? A yahoo bot? O.O

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    See this post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbp
    Today, Yahoo uses Inktomi.
    Its not Inktomi

    I agree that it is not Pure Inktomi, but it certainly is using the Inktomi index and the results are very similar to MSN results on many searches. Pages submitted to the Inktomi PFI are included,and I have a couple of Inktomi listings that came about as a result of the Looksmart/MSN partnership and those are ranking well at Yahoo today.

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    I think it is Inktomi

    I received a high priority message from Marketleap tonight ... I use them for Inktomi Submissions.

    The message started like this:

    "Yahoo! Search has transitioned to its own search technology (Inktomi, a Yahoo! company) and is preparing to launch a new inclusion program."

    Full Article Here:

    When I check my Hotbot Ranking and Yahoo Ranking for 10 different keyword phrases they match ...

    Nothing like the Google Rankings.

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