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Thread: a quick pic

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    Wink a quick pic

    Here's one I found funny from SES

    I'm addicted to Placebo's... I'd quit, but it wouldn't matter.

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    Re: a quick pic

    yeah your right that pic is made me laugh lol

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    Re: a quick pic

    LOL! It's a funny pic...

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    Re: a quick pic

    lol thats really good.

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    Re: a quick pic

    It was really funny picture. How you take this picture. Is it one or more pictures are added together?

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    Re: a quick pic

    Was that supposed to make us laugh or envious? She your wife?

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    Re: a quick pic

    lol.. @ the girl who punches her husband
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    Re: a quick pic

    OMG, what a punch!! that was funny! thank you for sharing with us!

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    Re: a quick pic

    Ha ha ha its really looks funny temme what you made to make you laugh....

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    Re: a quick pic

    lol, that was funny

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