Hi Guys!
Just wanted to drop a line and say hello. Been following WPN forums for some time now, and always find them very helpful.
I own Millennia Marketing Group, which will celebrate it's 1st Anniversary in April. Having identified a HUGE niche in Web Design and Internet Marketing, I began my business with an extremely limited hobby-based web design skill set. That is to say I had tinkered around with this stuff for enough years that I felt I could sell my services to a select market. But the more projects I completed (11 in my first ten months), the more I realized that I wanted to truly give my clients more than what they could get elsewhere, not less.
Therefore, I implemented the same leadership strategy used by Henry Ford. "A great leader is someone who surrounds himself with people who are better than he is." I hired designers that are five times better than me. I hired what I call an SEO Chief who is 10 times better than I am (and I ain't too shabby). I hired technical support personnel with greater proficiency than I can personally provide. All of which frees my time to work almost exclusively with the clients in the development of their ideas for marketing their business on the web.

I find this an extremely exciting business. We are seeing the restructuring of the marketing industry much like that which was seen with the advent of television. Those who made the leap from radio to TV at the right time, made fortunes. TV replaced radio as the family's primary entertainment source. There are those who feel that Internet based computers will never replace TV in this way, but if that were true, why is every cable company in America leading the broadband ISP charge?

One thing I know for sure. Position yourself well with the right number of clients over the next 5-10 years, and a smart web designer can retire wealthy. Now that's the love I am speaking of!