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Thread: Multi search Engine

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    Multi search Engine

    Hello I also have started a Multi Search Engine, available at Multi-Search engine, Search analyser tool | Crispyweb Search that helps you search 14 search engines by comparing two search engines at at time in a frame side by side, it allows user to select search engines from select drop down list. please give feedbacks, how u find it.

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    Re: Multi search Engine

    I am not sure I see the point - I can do that now with just one extra step and can put my windows side by side instead of on top and bottom.

    I don't care for the sponsored ads front and center. I don't mind ads on a page, but a little more out of the way.

    And when I am ready to make a new query I have to go back to the Crispy Start page ...

    I am sorry to make my feedback all negative, but I can't see how this might be useful ... Of course, there may be a very powerful use for this that I don't get ...

    Best wishes, MJ
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    Re: Multi search Engine

    Respected Madam,
    You could resize frames slide/resize it to see results according to convenience and moreover reading vertically is easy then reading horizontaly in less space, scrolling up and down is easy and scrolling sideways ackward so i preffered vertical windows.

    For issues regarding returing to home page that's helpful as you want to search more terms and compare them then you have all results opened up in new window. eg: First u search for "Cats" and using MSN and Google and then you thought of searching "dogs" similarly. But at later moment you want to compare cat and dog results if ordinary search engine it would be option to go Back button of browser but here new window opens for each result just select that window and compare result.

    Good justification Na..

    Moreover it could used for SEO purposes for comparison of competitors side by side using eg:link:<http://yoururl> or link:Multi-Search engine, Search analyser tool | Crispyweb Search at 2 search engines at a time eg: Google and Yahoo!

    It would be very beneficial SEO experts and Search geeks as it is highly user customizable as user has control over his windows.

    Moreover, you could also use advanced search operators at Crispyweb!

    Thanking you for your suggestions, advice and support.

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    Re: Multi search Engine

    I am not sure how you plan to make money from this as I did not see any adverts.

    I am also not sure who would use this capability. SEO experts looking to see how their clients' websites rank, I guess. That is not a large audience.
    Dave Barnes
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    Re: Multi search Engine

    Respected Sir,
    I donot intend to make money from this site, I have other sites for this purpose this website is just my hobby and I launched as an experiment as my 1st site 2 years ago, i have emotionally attachment to it that why I am holding this domain, I just love when someone uses my tool it feels great inside, I am not great like others in field but know a lot more than layman on SEO and search engine. What more you can expect from an experimenting college student (me). I hope I go by the advices of my visitors and improve my site according to their expectations, Crispyweb fulfil all their searching needs.

    Moreover, my site has references in some of the good directories and websites, thanks to enthusiast visitors and my SEO endeavor, which stopped a year ago due to lack of time.

    But then also my site has vistors from multi search engine keyword in google, Yahoo, Msn live etc..

    Thanking you for your suggestions, advice and support.

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    Re: Multi search Engine

    Respected Administrator,
    Re: post.

    I am extremely sorry I posted the message of this thread on the above post, I didn't intended to break rules, it just was that 1st I thought of posting on that post I found on Google due to curiousity then when came to know that I can start my new thread I posted that message on that, please accept my apology for unintentional breaking of rules.

    Thanking you for warning me of my mistakes.

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