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Thread: gettin pictures lightened

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    gettin pictures lightened

    well i have sum pictures that i have that need ta b lightened and this website said itcould how exactly do i do it and if not is there a website i could go to ta lighten up tha pictures

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    Re: gettin pictures lightened

    You can probably find something here.
    Image Editing - Reviews and free downloads at
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    Re: gettin pictures lightened

    Quote Originally Posted by drummin View Post

    do you have a image/graphics program at your disposal? that you can work with?
    What exactly do you mean by lighten?

    this might work for you cause you can work with your picture files over the internet: - Your Everything Online Image Editor

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    Re: gettin pictures lightened

    like uhm i dont kno how ta explain it i asked my mom bout it and she helped so thnx newayz

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