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Thread: Search Engine for my site

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    Search Engine for my site

    Search Engine for my site Hello,
    I have a website ( and i want to develop a search facility for my site.
    I'm using Mysql and i have all lyrics (>150.000) in a database. I have some suggestions how to do it but i do not like the time response.
    I have the lyrics also on static pages and i want dome suggestions how to do it using my static pages.

    Some internal pages you can check here: try some of them. and give me some suggestions.

    Many thanks
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    Re: Search Engine for my site

    As all your data is in MySQL I'd use MySQL full text search.

    If that isn't up your street then:

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    Re: Search Engine for my site

    I would like to develop a search engine witch will read the static pages.
    If i'm using the other one (queyes from db) it's to slow (more that 10 sec for reply) so that one is working for small dbases.

    Or i'm opened to other suggestions how to use my huge mysql db with a better response time.
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    Re: Search Engine for my site

    If mysql full text queries are taking that long it sounds like you've got something incorrectly configured. Did you create an full text index? Is your match using the identical columns to the full text index?

    You could try sphider quite easily and see how that goes.

    If not then you'd need to do some experimenting with Zend Frame work to see how the performance of search is. Indexing is just travelling though the pages extracting useful information from fluff and sending it to the engine, if it's all in MySQL then the extraction is already done for you.

    You might get more speed by using C/C++, Java etc, Apache Lucene - Overview is a search library for Java.

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