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Thread: The $3000 per month Google Adsense Project...

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    The $3000 per month Google Adsense Project...

    First of all - apologies for shamelessly ripping off this idea from the following post:-

    There are a number of differences to this post though...
    • I have one reasonably well established domain / couple of subdomains.
    • I get a fair amount of traffic already.
    • My sites are definitely NOT MFA sites (and I am not saying that the ones in the other post ARE MFA sites by the way).
    • I am less optimistic about how much I can earn and how much effort it will take.
    Is there much interest in a detailed post / blog about this at all?

    Does anyone have any advice about how much info I can safely publish without incurring the wrath of Google?
    (I know they don't allow publishing of CTR - so if I published page views per month along with earnings - would this amount to the same thing?)

    Is there any point to doing any of this - or will it just be counterproductive and construed 'bragging' (although what I make at present is NOT anything to brag about considering how much work I have put into it in my spare time).

    Do you all promise not to shoot me down in flames / misconstrue any comments I make?

    Give me some feedback and maybe I'll get the ball rolling in the near future...


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    Re: The $3000 per month Google Adsense Project...

    I'd be interested in seeing what you can do. I know that so far AdSense hasn't played any sort of significant part of my 'net income

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    Re: The $3000 per month Google Adsense Project...

    I think I saw one of your sites and they´re not very suitable for your adsense project.

    In order for an adsense link to be clicked on they need to be useful for the visitor.
    In order for adsense links to be useful to the visitor, he needs to be looking for something to buy (because most adsense links offer products or services).
    In order to atract visitors that are looking for something to buy, you need to have the right type of website.

    It all comes back to what type of website you have.

    A product review site for example will be likely to have a decent CTR to obtain your goal. But if your offer exactly what the visitor is looking for he has no reason to click on adsense and he won't,.... no matter how much you throw the ads in his face.

    And unforntunately for you, those types of sites require a lot of work,.
    Hidden Content Really? YES! All you have to do is implement it!
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  4. The following user agrees with Peter (IMC):
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    Re: The $3000 per month Google Adsense Project...

    I'd be very interested to see a blog or some posts about the results. I am definitely not an expert, as my (lack of) success in getting paid for clicks proves (not a significant share of my revenue either). I would really like to see what someone else, with a slightly larger budget could do.

    I think anyone looking at photos or backgrounds (the sites linked at the bottom of your post) could attract people who might purchase books, videos, or other memorabilia that relate to Ireland or Canada, etc. Possibly they might also click to find other types of screen savers or other computer "utilities", etc, etc, etc.

    If you try it, please tell us about it.

    Still learning after all these years.

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    Re: The $3000 per month Google Adsense Project...

    I am a Toronto lawyer who is been in industry for many years and two years ago I returned to the practice of law full time. Obviously the major question was how to obtain clients and in less than two years my practice exceed most lawyers who have practiced for ten or more years. You can obviously do a search for me on the internet and will find that I have over 2000 blogs that brings me more clients I ever imagined. I am interested what you are doing and would like to learn more on some type of mutually satisfactory basis. If interested please conact me at or (416) 932-8509. You can even search google, yahoo and msn for the "best torontolawyer" without the quotation marks as well as searching for me personally. If interested please contact me.

    Irving Solnik

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    Re: The $3000 per month Google Adsense Project...

    PS-I am grossing over $500,000.00 yearly at present and anticipate that it will double or even triple within another year or so.

    Irving Solnik

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    Re: The $3000 per month Google Adsense Project...

    I've started using adsense about 6 months ago on the demo section of our website and by the god's grace, its making up about $1500 a month.

    Good luck to you as well...!


    Ajay Chadha (Director)
    Chadha Software Technologies

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    Re: The $3000 per month Google Adsense Project...

    Thanks for the feedback so far...

    Peter - I agree 90% with what you are saying (oh how I wish I had started an electronic gadget review web site years ago! - not only would adsense work well but 'Auction Ads' probably would too.. )

    But I still think it is possible to achieve the goal from my current web sites (mainly Free Northern Ireland Photos / Desktop Backgrounds / Wallpaper ) - although I am under no illusions that it will be easy, and I will almost certainly need to pay for more than 300 GB Bandwidth per month (mostly because my images are free to download and there are no restrictions on hotlinking).

    One thing I know for certain I can disclose is overall earnings for May - $520 (although this was my best month so far by a good bit and looks like June earnings will be down a bit..) - and if you added up the time I have spent so far in my spare time then I have been working for a lot less than the minimum wage so far....

    Before I post much more - I would feel a lot happier to have a response to the email below sent to adsense support:-
    I am considering posting to forums / blogging about my adsense earnings..

    As I understand it - it is OK to state exact earnings. But after extensive searching - I am still about exactly what else I can disclose...


    Can I disclose the earnings of specific URLs or only site wide earnings during a specific period?
    Can I disclose number of visits during that period?
    Can I disclose number of page views during that period?
    Does anyone know if this is at all likely in the near future?
    (I have searched the internet (including official adsense stuff) in vain for a concrete answer to the above questions...).


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    Re: The $3000 per month Google Adsense Project...

    I've been watching your project with keen interest. Did you give up on it ? When I just went to your main home page again it said "no posts" matched inquiry. Just thought you'd want to know if nothing else.

    Good luck!

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    Re: The $3000 per month Google Adsense Project...

    Sorry - I think you meant to comment on the '$30000' rather than the '$3000' post??

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