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Thread: eCommerce solutions for selling digital goods

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    eCommerce solutions for selling digital goods

    Hi, I intend to sell logo templates online and wonder is there any 3rd party solutions that I can add on easily to my current site.

    I'm looking for product catalog management system (front end) where I can organize my different logo categories plus a good search function.

    Could anyone kindly advise what is the best and cost-effective solution available? Preferably not too technical that I can install myself.

    Appreciate any advices. Thank you.

    Mary L.

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    Re: eCommerce solutions for selling digital goods

    HI Mary,

    I can sit here all day and list off the many millions of shopping carts available on the web.
    What you need to do, is be quite a bit more specific, in terms of what exactly your needs are and the server/web environment you are operating in.

    In regards to server environment...
    Are you on windows or linux?
    Do you have a programming language preference? perl/asp/php?

    Other thoughts...
    How are you going to receive payment? Do you have a merchant account?
    If you do have one, then you'll want a cart that supports it.
    You mention cost-effective, but what does that mean? What is your budget?
    There are plenty of free or low-cost ones available.

    You mention not too technical, but what about design?
    If you're not a designer, you'll have to consider hiring one, to customize the cart for you. After-all you don't want a site that looks like someone else's.
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    Re: eCommerce solutions for selling digital goods

    Hi hostBrain, thanks for the reply. I'm using Unix platform so will be looking at PHP language. I will be using either PayLoadz or Ejunkie for downloading digital goods (logo templates) and paypal for payment gateway. But I lack a store front and back end features that I can manage the digital products. For e.g. a product catalog management system that I can upload the logo templates, have product detail page, product search category / subcategory. Also highlight featured products in homepage and other cross-sell functions.

    Something close to Affordable & Professional Company & Business Logo Design, 3D Logos & Web Page Templates, Stationery & Website Design - Pixellogo or Professional logo design and corporate identity will be ideal. Do you think is there such a 3rd party solutions available? I hope I could just copy some codes and paste into my current website and it could work as I don't wish to change the look and feel of it. In addition, do not wish to spend too much time installing software.

    Appreciate your advices. Thank you.


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    Re: eCommerce solutions for selling digital goods

    We've just launched a private beta of Swift PayPass (Swift Pay Pass - Sell Your Digital Goods...) that's not 100% exactly what you're looking for, but may be helpful.

    It's currently in private beta, but here are a few invitation codes for free beta accounts.


    You can goto Beta Account Creation to register using these codes. They are 1 use and are given on a first-come first-serve basis. I hope this helps.

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    Re: eCommerce solutions for selling digital goods


    Free Open Source osCommerce, Open Source Online Shop E-Commerce Solutions, Cube Cart is also fine! and PHPshop is also good. These are Free to download and install, If you have not any experience, hire any person!
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    Re: eCommerce solutions for selling digital goods

    I completed this golf instruction website and used Zen Cart to set up the proshop which sells downloadable video files.... but almost any file type can be managed.

    Zen Cart handles the front end and backroom very well.

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    Re: eCommerce solutions for selling digital goods

    Zen Cart, OSCommerce or Cube Cart are some options you might consider, but as already someone said then there are millions of scripts that can handle what you asking for.

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    Re: eCommerce solutions for selling digital goods

    Yes Zen cart seems most suitable.

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    Re: eCommerce solutions for selling digital goods

    i think osCommerce is still the most simplest one..
    It is good to good!
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    Re: eCommerce solutions for selling digital goods

    phpaudit is a good one, that you can take a look
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