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Thread: One Top Firm - Portal ResponseTechnology

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    This is starting to smell fishy.

    Quote Originally Posted by homesnland68
    i did verify the 10 million downloads,
    How, exactly? Did you just take their word for it? Did you view some kind of log?

    Quote Originally Posted by homesnland68
    iiwent to microsofts website, apparently they are affiliates with them because they're featured on microsofts page.
    This is not true. They are nowhere to be found on "Microsoft's page". IF they are, provide us with an exact link.

    The contact we have for them is Robert at (714)453-4258. Hope all is well.
    Yeah, this is the number for Simply Voice, which is the old firm that One Top Firm was doing business under. Just so happens they have an F rating from the Better Business Bureau. The original poster cited them as being part of a scam.

    And you, my friend, are starting to sound a little too much like a shill. Who are you and what is the name of your alleged mortgage brokerage?

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    Re: One Top Firm - Portal ResponseTechnology

    listen pal,
    I've been reading this, and responding trying to get information and offer my experiences to others. I did not do this to be called a "shill" (whatever that means).
    I have my partner with me right now, he was shown the myspace guardian toolbar on microsofts website by a salesman at this link

    That phone number is not One Top Firm, it's CPS, i would know if it was the same company, i signed up with both of them. I'm sorry you didn't allocate your marketing dollars correctly, but don't blame me for my good investments, nor make me sound like a fool for investing money in something that has made me plenty of it. My name is Vicky Brink and i work Prudential Anchorage.

    I'm upset with this whole thing and i feel like your making me out to be a fool.
    Good Day.

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    Re: One Top Firm - Portal ResponseTechnology

    PRT and others have their toadies trolling the internet to defend their product and take on various roles, pretending to be clients. The fact that you also just joined this forum on May 4, in response to my post, would raise anyone's suspicions.

    So would the fact that you are listing the phone numbers and contact info for them.

    Not to mention that this sentence is one they use frequently on their postings: "Think about it, i was paying around 3 dollars a click on google adwords and now i'm paying way less per click for the same amount of leads".

    But I'll play the game, "Vicky". How on earth can you CONFIRM ten million downloads, Vicky? Because the salesman told you so? Does 10 million downloads mean 10 million installations? There is no way to confirm this, unless you view the actual server logs.
    And you didn't answer the question.

    How many of your clients actually saw the banner ad because of the toolbar they downloaded? How can you be certain your traffic was derived from it?

    And these logs? Who gave them to you? One Top Firm did? Oh, very reliable. Of course, since they allegedly route all the clicks they get through their server, there's no way for you to confirm this....unless you subpoenaed them. And even then, whose to say the hits were organic and not computer generated.

    Finally, you need to do better research.

    The phone number you listed? Go to

    Under BBB Company Reports, type in "One Top Firm"
    A report will come up. Click on it. There you will see
    "dba: Simply Voice"
    Under it is the contact number: The same one you listed with "Richard" as the contact.

    Notice also the address is on Santiago Blvd. in Villa Park.

    Now go back to the home page for
    Enter godotless
    The address? The same one.

    Godotless = PRT = One Top Firm = "CPS" = SCAM

    I've got the screenshots for ya if you'd like me to EMail them to.

    Including one for CPS Designs, which has a bogus phone number of 999-999-9999

    But then, you probably know all this already, don't you?

    They try hard, folks. Don't be fooled!

    But listen Vicky, give me a shout at
    and I'll write you a personal apology, as well as give you some interesting data
    I've dug up on One Top Firm. It's pretty amazing stuff. I had a P.I. look into them and they've got a few surprises coming. I'm happy to share it with you, in case it turns out I was right.

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    Re: One Top Firm - Portal ResponseTechnology

    how dare you accuse me of an employee of that company. Let me tell you something, i am extremely offended, and i will send you an email. I told you once, twice, and now i'll tell you for the last time; I made money off of this, I asked my buyers where they found me, they told me through the my space guardian, i sold a home, simple as that. You have a problem, you made a bad investment and now your taking it out on several companies you know nothing about.

    I love internet blogs, they help me in several ways. But i am officially finished with this blog. I shouldn't have to defend my business choices with anyone, not to mention the fact that you obviously know little about real estate marketing.

    Give me your phone number and i'll have MY marketing director call you. I'm a nice person, maybe by him taking the time out of his day, it will help you learn some new things. But as far as defending myself to you on this blog, i'm suprized, confused, and extremely offended.

    Good day

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    Re: One Top Firm - Portal ResponseTechnology

    Send me an Email and I'll be happy to write you a specific, definitive apology.
    I'll also provide you with my phone number for your marketing director to call me.

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    Re: One Top Firm - Portal ResponseTechnology

    "You have a problem, you made a bad investment and now your taking it out on several companies you know nothing about. "

    Huh? Investment? I didn't make any investment.

    And I know a lot about these companies. Everyone does....... that is, those who have realized what they may very well be....SCAMS..

    And the shills they put on the boards to defend them, while impersonating other people....YOU.

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    Re: One Top Firm - Portal ResponseTechnology

    you clearly have too much time on your hands. You've made a fool of yourself, check your email since you know so much about me and what i do. I hope you get sued by the company you're bashing. I MADE MONEY, you did not...stop being so damn self absorbed with assurance that you passed on a bad didn't. You may continue making a fool out of yourself all you want, i am finished wasting my time with this blog.
    I sent you an email as requested.

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    Re: One Top Firm - Portal ResponseTechnology

    not that I want to play referree or anything, but it may be instructive to point out a few things here. First of all, truthtalker is 100% on the money. These companies are scams. They've been at it a long long long time and under many different names. YOUCANNOTFOOLME is being too abrasive but all his research checks out. I don't blame him for being suspicious. These scam-meisters do show up to defend themselves and sometimes under false names.

    As for Vicky Brink, whether it is her or not doesn't really matter. But like I said, it is smart to take everything you read on the internet with a grain of salt. Foolme's stuff checks out if you take the time to run it down (I did). Vicky's posts confuse me.

    First, these are her only posts on this forum. So she was just doing an internet search one day for "one top firm" and came across this forum? why was she doing a search for "one top firm"? She just stumbled across this particular forum one day?

    She also said: "i also have a link to the myspace guardian on my website."

    This is her website and she has no such link: Anchorage, Eagle River and Mat-su, Alaska Real Estate Listings & Homes For Sale - Victoria Brink - NUMBER1EXPERT™

    CANNOTFOOLME challenged her about the 10 million downloads. She didn't actually answer that question: " I did ask them to verify that the myspace guardian toolbar had millions of downloads and they took me to microsofts website where i was shown that they got 4 out of 5 stars"

    4 people rated it, so I don't put much stock in the rating. But that also didn't answer the number of downloads (nor does it mean the software was installed). So let's face facts -- there is no way to verify the actual number.

    Then she said: "my partner that went with CPS is doing even better then i am..that's my next investment" . Then she said later, "That phone number is not One Top Firm, it's CPS, i would know if it was the same company, i signed up with both of them"

    So which is it? CPS is your next investment or you signed up with both?

    And the phone number given is for both. CannotFoolMe is right. So it is the same company.

    She also tells FoolMe, "if your ever out in the Houston area, we can sit down and go over figures and strategy."

    But her website says she's in Alaska. And she does, too. "My name is Vicky Brink and i work Prudential Anchorage".

    I don't know what to make of all of this, but it's a lot of strange stuff.

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    Re: One Top Firm - Portal ResponseTechnology

    And why if she was taken for a a fool by godotless, would she sign up for exactly the same product with a different company, and not realize they are the same company????

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    Re: One Top Firm - Portal ResponseTechnology

    ok first things first..i'm still waiting for a reply from you so i can personally speak with you. I do not come on these blogs to be ridiculed, lied to, and chastised. I signed up with a company and i got a pretty decent return, and to be honest, i really don't care that you didn't. I don't care that you think it's a scam, I really don't. All i know is that if Microsoft features this "scam" company on their much of a scam can they really be. Now i'm not saying that you all are complete idiots, i'm just saying that your not far from it. Youcannotfoolme, I'm still waiting for your contact information, for all i know your some other scam company just trying to ruin someones business...actually, the more i think about it, i'm pretty sure i'm right..What's your website, i'd like to check you out.

    By the way, Not that it's any of your business, I live in Houston during the summer.

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