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Thread: Best Web Analytic program?

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    Best Web Analytic program?

    Hi All,

    I am looking for some advice. I need a new web analytic program. My company currently uses Click Lab and it costs $750.00 a month. Being in a small business I would like to cut this cost down but get a program that does basically the same thing. Some of the features that I currently have with click lab that I like are:

    * Traffic Summary - must have
    * Paid Traffic Summary - must have
    * Search Engines - good to have
    * Keywords - must have
    * Paid Keywords - must have
    * Summary by Date - interesting but not needed
    * Landing Pages - good to have
    * IP Addresses - good to have
    * Click Paths - good to have
    * Actions - good to have, shows requests vs. applications
    * Countries - interesting but not needed

    One thing that I would like would be a program that shows the number of conversations from any given campaign. I also would like something that includes click fraud as well. I know Click lab does it all but again I am looking to cut costs.

    Thank you,

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    take a look at Statcounter. I use where I can and find its cost benefit vastly superior to many other systems. You can get it for free. But an investment of say $25 per month will provide plenty of analytics capacity.
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    IndexTools is the best low-cost package I have seen. It's also recommended by quite a few people in the industry.

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    Okay, here's a good one for you........have you thought of trying google analytics??
    It has all the features you're looking for and it's free!!!!!

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    I second Google analytics. I set it up for all of my clients and when the time comes to do a marketing audit, I have all the info I need and they love it. Google Analytics is the way to go for small business.

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    Google analytics works well for small websites but when you have hundreds of pages and a couple of million page views a month Google analytics will really slow your website's pages way down. My website went from a .7 seconds average load time to 1.8 seconds average load time. I removed Google analytics and it went back to my .7 seconds average.

    As you can tell I too would like a great analytics program that isn't out to break my bank. But so far all I have found is a custom programer for $20,000.00 and he did not impress me much.

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    10, used it for years, good solid package.

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    I have to second dburdon with Statcounter. I use them on a few of our sites and gives me great info. I cannot track conversions but that is for another subject.


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    I second Aaron's recommendation of I now have it up on seven site and am very pleased with its functionality versus price. I particularly like the customizable Dashboard view and the ability to automatically E-mail one or more reports of my choice scheduled as I designate.

    I you utilize pay-per-click, IndexTools can log in to your Google or Yahoo (and perhaps other) accounts and update your analytics with your pay-per-click details.

    Tracking individual advertising campaigns of all types (banner, E-mail, reciprocal links, etc. is a snap).

    IndexTools is not free but is, in my opinion, a bargain for the high end features it offers.

    One note, IndexTools pushes their fee based set-up services. This might imply that it's a challenge to implement. I've used four other embedded tracking based stat package and don't find IndexTools any more difficult (or any easier) than any of the others. I be surprised if anyone in this group would have a problem implementing it.

    IndexTools has offices on the U.S. and in Europe (Hungary I think). I work odd hours and like the ability to call either location (depending on the time of day or night) for technical support on the rare occasions when I need it. My support experiences have, by the way, always been good.
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    Google Analytics is Good but some of the data is not 100% accurate. They also do not allow you to see all of the complete stats as the original Urchin version did.

    A Hosted version or downloadable log analyzer version of is good. I use clicktracks myself.

    Webtrends I've heard is good for the hosted version but I've never tried it.

    If you want something to host yourself,

    Awstats is a free perl program that reads the logfiles if you want something in perl to host yourself. It shows a lot of details, as much as most commercial software.

    Just some ideas,

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