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Thread: Google Analytics versus Log Analysis

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    Google Analytics versus Log Analysis

    I am brand new to Web Pro World so I hope I posted this correctly.
    The company I work for wants to switch to Google Analytics from Deep Metrix LiveStats. I have tested both and I get very different results. Is Google Analytics a good alternative for tracking high volume traffic? I like the versatility of LiveStats and the ability to create custom reports. In g Analytics I find that there are limitations, but I am not familar with it yet so that may be an unfair statement.

    Is Google Analytics a good alternative for overall traffic analysis and reporting and can replace a server-based log analysis tool?


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    I'd tend to agree that there are limitations to Google Analytics. I've never found that SEO/SEM friendly.

    Google Analytics is free but if it fails to deliver your informational needs stick with what you know best.
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    I am learning to love ClickTracks, but like Burdon said to each its own.

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