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Thread: New 'Doomjuice' Worm Emerges

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    New 'Doomjuice' Worm Emerges

    If anyone got done by Doom, get ready for the next wave.

    A new worm dubbed "Doomjuice" targeting Microsoft Corp.'s MSFT.O Web site emerged on the Internet on Monday, which security experts said slowed parts of the software maker's home page.

    Doomjuice, which some are describing as a variant of the MyDoom worm, spreads via e-mail systems already infected with the first version, which became the fastest-spreading virus ever when it was unleashed on the Internet at the end of January.

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    From matauri's article reference:
    Because Doomjuice spreads directly between infected computers, rather than via e-mail, experts said that it would not be accurate to call it a variant of MyDoom, which accounted for as many as one in five e-mails at its peak in late January.
    Here is the Symantic page with a removal tool for The W32.Mydoom@mm

    Removal Tool does the following:
    Terminates W32.Mydoom@mm viral processes.
    Terminates the viral thread running under Explorer.exe.
    Deletes W32.Mydoom@mm files.
    Reverses the changes made to the \Run and InProcServer32 registry keys

    If you are running Windows XP, or ME, don't forget to shut off system restore first because the virus can hide in it.

    The removal tool is really very easy to use, just download it and start it up. It doesn't hurt to run it no matter what, and if it doesn't find anything then you can know that your machine was clean anyways.

    Finally, here is a great Resource page for anti-virus info and tools

    Thanks for the alert, Matauri :o)
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    I think we should all stock up on stamps and go back to snail mail. What would those virus makers do then, huh?
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