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    My website just got hacked into and then I get a letter from some concerened person about that my site was on the hackers list. THey messed it all up and I am just getting running after spending day of emails to the server and changing passwords and usernames. The site in the email tries to sell you hackproof server space. Has anyone else got the hack attack like this?
    James Momaly
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    No. It hasn't happened to me.....yet. Do you have a clue how the hackers got in? I'm very sorry this happened to you.

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    In a recent defacement of my site, and every site on my server, the "hacker" simply got an account on the server and ran a script to obtain the root password. If you have the root password to a server you can login and have full access to it. I quoted the term hacker as this is rarely the work of true hackers but rather script kiddies.

    Most hosts should back up your site for you atleast weekly if not daily. If you host yourself then I recommend keeping a copy of your site on a CDRW and making sure you save any changes to both it and your server.

    In your situation I'd send the information on to the relevant authorities as I'd say they have admitted to the crime.

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    carbonise wrote:

    "In your situation I'd send the information on to the relevant authorities as I'd say they have admitted to the crime."

    Good call. Sue that suckers ass and report them to the authorities!

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    same but different

    I was going through my logs and came upon several page references that were unfamiliar to me.
    all ended ?A=D/index.html ?M=G/index.html or similiar, and do link to my site when clicked. I do not organize my site that way and thought it more odd after there were refs to failed attempts to access my 'protected' areas,re mail, logs.

    Any ideas or thoughts?


    BTW, I too would report to authorities, Jam.
    V. Faulkner
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    Sometims these are down to simple errors if they resemble real link son your sites, a lot of times they are poeople looking for exploits. Hits like are people looking for IIS exploits. The ones you posted look like they are trying for php include exploits or other exploits of a similar nature. Back when I used PHP to control my site layout and used urls like index.php?main=yahoo they could put main=etc/passwd to retrieve a full list of the other people using my server.

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    Has any one else been get this message that your down loads are ready- net messenger? that your windows version is exsposed then leads you to purchase some software to secure your site. I will not let my bookkeeper's computer play with mine any more because she is continually hack and virused and then brings floppies in- no more. I am sorry you have been hacked but did you find how they got in? Is it related to this window security problem(again)? Or did they come through another way? Just curious so we all can help prevent it. Thanks.

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    hackers mess it up? Reload

    I reload my entire web site every once in a while: anywhere from 3 days to a mpmth -- it's random. I have about 700 pages and it takes me about 1/2 hour to do this. I also change file names on the graphics and music files.

    The original reason for this was that my site is very graphic intensive (greeting cards) and lots of people were linking to my graphics in their cute little forum postings. Now they may link for a few days, but then no more.

    Even if someone hacks into your site, if you reload it often the damage will be temporary.

    Since I am technically not very adept this system has worked pretty well for me.............keeping my fingers crossed and knocking on wood..........I've had so many other problems with spammers, AOL, host problems, etc. that I don't need one more!!!!

    Sometimes I wonder why we try to run legitimate web sites when it seems the nasties are taking over the web completely?!?!?

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    "My website just got hacked".

    Well, call your ISP and find out what happened. If you don't get a statisfactory comforting explanation, then get a new ISP!

    It is NOT your job to prevent this. It is your ISP's. If you are your own ISP, then do a real economic analysis of the situation and you will conclude that you should ALWAYS outhouse hosting.

    Dave Barnes
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    email : hackproof server space

    email : hackproof server space

    I've heard that some hosts are sending emails to users saying they have been hacked and asking for some cash to stop it or to provide hack proof hosting.

    This could be FRAUDULENT take care.
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