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Thread: RSS Feeds - why does the link land at the end of the thread?

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    RSS Feeds - why does the link land at the end of the thread?

    Hi guys, love the forum. I use it every day and have the rss feed on my (browser) homepage.

    The point I would like to make is with regard to the links from the rss feed. Whenever I click on a link, I end up at the last post in the thread, this is fine if I have been following it, but most annoying if I have not! It is even more annoying if the post has already gone into multiple pages! This seems to be standard practice for most forums, but I cannot understand why?

    Most RSS feeds contain links to new threads/stories, so surely the logical place to land is the start of the thread, not half way through it?

    I would appreciate your thoughts on this?

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    Our default feeds are for every post. If you click on the most recent item in the feed, it'll be the most recent (last) post in that thread.

    If you want to get a customized feed that will work better for your needs, use this link to create the feed you'd like.

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