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Poll: Should Google become "OPEN-SOURCED" ?

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Thread: Should Google become an "OPEN-SOURCED" search eng

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    Should Google become an "OPEN-SOURCED" search eng

    Should Google become an "OPEN-SOURCED" search engine

    seems to be a response to GOOGLE - What effect would OPEN SOURCING have on Google SERPS relevancy

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    Although I usually believe that trusting one entity for everything is bad, I have to say that having open source google would just create so many spin offs that it would really make things difficult.

    For instance, which sites now (after they had specifically tweaked it their way) would you focus on and how would you be SEO friendly among them all and maintain high rankings?

    Plus with everyone viewing the code, the abuse of the SE would most likely begin.

    Just my thoughts though.
    Bryan DeNosky

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