Adult Toy Price Comparison Site. (USA region)

Ads will be shown on every page no matter where the customer goes.

Currently the site is receiving between 10k-18k hits per month and that is expected to highly INCREASE after site launch.

This site is due to officially launch March 1st, 2007. Some coding is being repaired and items / links are continually being added and will be even after launch at the rate of approximately 50 items per weekday.

Only graphic ads will be accepted.

The following sites will immediately be rejected:

Porn photo/video sites
Non-Adult related sites

Also no pornographic photos will be allowed in the graphic ad.

Currently there are samples of ads on my site and where they will be placed. Most existing ads can be moved or bumped.

Iím also considering getting rid of the ads on the right at the bottom as they arenít selling or bringing in anything. One even has a broken graphic. :/

Spaces are available in the right column and bottom of page.

Small ads are starting at a set rate of $5 per month until April 1st (no joke) when weíll look at the traffic after the launch on March 1st. Prices will probably change after that point and you will have first option to keep your spot.

Site is

I accept Paypal at this time.

Long time arrangements can be made after April 1st.