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Thread: Becoming a Server

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    Becoming a Server

    I am a newbie of course (as it says to the right) to networking. I have good knowledge of Web design and I was thinking about hosting it myself. Any ideas on what I would need and how I would get about to do this?

    Bon Bon

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    Becoming a server.

    I would seriously rethink this matter. There is a great difference between being a web designer and a web host. Does being married to your computer 24/7 really appeal to you?
    Foye M Troute
    Internet Consultant/Developer

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    It would not harm to have a go. I am married to my PC anyway seems as I use it to compose music, create adverts and chat on messenger. It seems fine to me.

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    Becoming a server

    Are you thinking about hosting your own site or a combination of your site and other people's/organization's web sites?
    Foye M Troute
    Internet Consultant/Developer

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    I am having an online services section on my site where I will provide free webspace for newbies making sites and I will host a range of my sites too.

    If you have any more questions please fire away with them. I will answer as many as possible in as full detail as possible.

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    Hosting is a huge responsibility. Many of my clients (I offer hosting) depend upon their sites being up 24/7.

    Being a good host means you understand the technicalities of a good MySQL setup, email programs, OS, etc., etc. Plus you have to stay up with the lastest updates to whatever server-side programming languages you support.

    Then too, you have to be able to diplomatically help your customers when they mistake their own user errors for server errors.

    Oh, and I haven't even touched the hardware issues yet. I used to own a chain of computer shops where we built and repaired PC's, but no one can really stay up with all fields, so I have others take care of this part of the business for me.

    So now you're starting to see that it's a tremendous amount of work, responsibility, etc. but what about the other side of the coin - profits?

    Well there are few industries with as much competition as hosting. I offer managed hosting from just $9.95/mo and I'm not getting rich. Support, especially with a newbie who is setting up his or her first site can easily take an hour or more. At least the way I do it it does. I help them step-by-step and the only way it's going to pay is if I keep them as a client for years.

    Most web designers would prefer to spend their time designing and not having to figure out server issues, database issues, etc. That's what I do, and that's what makes my hosting a little different.

    You might want to do something like that. Find a niche that makes you a little different from other hosting companies. Then be willing to dedicate your time and efforts to be the best there is in that niche.
    - Hank Castello
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    OK. For startup you might want to consider a dedicated server maintained by people that have been in the business for a while. They provide the machine, the software, the backbone hookups, backup power, names servers, etc. This way you need not be concerned with software updates, bug fixes, patches, etc.

    They are responsible down the the web root (ie - c:\inetpub\wwwroot.) Below that is your territory. Still requires a fair knowledge of the operating system that the server is running on.

    Check for openers.

    More questions? Send a private message or e-mail direct.
    Foye M Troute
    Internet Consultant/Developer

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    I strongly disagree on my behalf as I know a couple of people who are web designers and host their own site although they are a lot older than me. Cost is not a matter as the budget runs into 100's of thousands of pounds. I was only intending on basic hosting that does not include features like PHP. I could provide support and I have moderators of my group who can also provide support.

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    Thanks for the link 'fmtroute' I will check it out and report back.

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    Reporting Back

    I was really looking at hosting my site on my own server which I own and providing space for other people who are new to Web design.

    I am looking into buying a server and setting it up for hosting and have been looking at a couple of computer models.

    I am not really wanting to rent servers but I may end up looking at this as a possibility.

    Thanks all for the help,
    Bon Bon

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