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Thread: Help! My website pages are loading really slow

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    Help! My website pages are loading really slow

    I am really a gynecologist but over the past year I have been building up a website - for pregant women who speak German. I am still building it and using a cms system - I have and am really happy with this firms reliability and help etc. However one big thing is bugging me - they can`t seem to find out why the site pages load so slowly. Can anyone help me? I cannot imagine that there is no quick solution. I do have a lot of fotos on the site - but then again so do many sites and they still load fast.
    My site is:
    and the site within the site:
    I have been to a website that checks the site loading time - and it doesn`t seem slow when checked. However many users have complained it takes just too long. This means I have possible clients who just hit the back button or fly off after waiting too long. I have quite a few visitors per day and they`re all potential customers.
    Woudl appreciate any ideas. Thnx

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    WebProWorld MVP Webnauts's Avatar
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    Aug 2003
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    I had a quick look at and to be honest I was shocked.

    Have you done the site yourself? At least I can tell that is was not made by a professional designer for sure. And you have a very very long way to go.

    1. Downloading times:

    The page size is 267444 bytes!!! That should never be more than 100000 bytes in concerns of accessibility & Usability, also for Search Engines.

    The CSS file size alone is creasy: 65682 bytes

    Modem 56K = 53.70 seconds
    ISDN 64K = 33,44
    ISDN 128K = 16.72 seconds
    T1 1.44Mbps = 1.82 seconds

    See yourself:

    2. Markup (HTML,etc)

    To be honest I looked into the code, and I did not understand how the site works at all! Any anyway 43 fat errors!

    Here are the HTML validation results of W3C: (endless of errors)

    Also here is the validation of your CSS files: (endless of errors)

    3. The header graphic weight is huge. Did you forget to optimize it? Is weights 65.71 KB (67292 bytes).

    And images weight overall are incredibly high: 155195 bytes!

    If you want my advise, you seriously need a redesign.

    It can look like it does so far, even if somethings there I would strictly not recommend to have them, but this is not the site reviews forum, so I stick to your question.

    If you need a site review, please post in our site reviews forums.

    By the way may I ask you, where is Heinsberg? I live in Germany since 10 years, now in Bielefeld NRW, about 100km south from Hannover. :)
    John S. Britsios (aka Webnauts), UX & Semantic Search Consultant.

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    WebProWorld MVP davebarnes's Avatar
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    Denver, CO USA

    It is slow because of the CMS that you are using.

    Either the CMS itself is slow or the hosting providing is slow.

    Create a test page (without using the CMS) that contains 200KB of text and images and see how fast it loads.

    If slow, then it is the hosting provider.


    P.S. Of course all that Webnauts wrote is also true.
    Dave Barnes
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    Thnx Webnauts & Dave,

    I feel a bit awful at the moment - and will have to digest what you have both written - and then I`ll have to get back to the firm who helped me build the website and check out some of these details.


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    WebProWorld MVP Webnauts's Avatar
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    Aug 2003
    European Community
    Oh, this is made by a company? I honestly did not think so. Sorry for that.

    Anyway it would be nice if you would keep us up-to-date what is coming next.

    If you need any further support, please let us know.

    We would be very glad if we can help you out!
    John S. Britsios (aka Webnauts), UX & Semantic Search Consultant.

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    no the company has made the cms system and I built the site using the cms system. I myself`thought/think it`s a good idea and a nice website. Your ARE making me feel awful -
    it`s not that bad - anyway from the content etc. I cannot judge the way it`s put together.
    Thnx for the constructive tips though!

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    WebProWorld MVP Webnauts's Avatar
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    Aug 2003
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    Julia, I did not want to upset you. The site look very beautiful, but the code is seriously bad:

    By the way with that code, I do not think you have good chances with all search engines, at least not in long-terms, but I think you possibly don't care about that.

    After all, I was just willing to help. But OK. I will not make any further suggestions or comments in this topic. :)
    John S. Britsios (aka Webnauts), UX & Semantic Search Consultant.

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    no really I want comments otherwise I woudln`t be here! I`ve read dozens of webdesign books etc. And I am afterall not a webdesigner just a doc with some ideas.
    May I ask what you mean by code?
    Sorry if I`m not very bright with these things but I am definitly here to learn. I am not HAT upset. I want to make things better. Any professional advice is well needed and deperately wanted!
    So, please help me!
    Do you mean with code - what pops up in the Browser thingy. The Page name so to say. Or what is it you mean?
    Grüsse Julia

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    sorry didn`t mean HAT but THAT
    the firm has actually made the website a bit faster now since Monday!

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    wow, you have a fantastic website with great tools - I will have to look into that! But I also see you do search engine optimization - that`s what I need -
    will contact you throgh your website for an offer I can`t refuse (hopefully)

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