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Thread: Universal Sues MySpace

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    Universal Sues MySpace

    Universal Music Group has filed a copyright violation lawsuit against social networking juggernaut The case, filed in a U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, alleges that MySpace allows its users post to copyrighted soundtracks and music videos on their websites.

    Check out the article here.

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    A more Sustainable Business Model

    Hi Joe, well written article BTW.

    The both Myspace and Youtube allow users to transact in copyright infringement. This is not sustainable. I realize that Youtube have some promising deals with some music giants, however in order for their business model in the long term they require:

    - ALL Record Companies to partcipate in this deal
    - Music & Video Recognition technology to determine which songs and video excerpts are taken from what sources

    Those are BIG requirements. Indications are that Universal are already unwilling to particpate in that type of deal. We have all yet to see this incredible technology capable of separating from millions of uploaded video, what parts of songs require profit sharing. Perhaps the music industry giants who have signed the deal based on advertising revenue sharing, have seen something we haven't.

    I am the M.D. of xindevelopment Ltd., a company based in Dublin, Ireland. We launched two weeks ago a website called It enables users to create websites with online shops that are capable of selling virtually anything including downloadable digital files. Our User Agreement is based on a UNIVERSAL Royalty Free License system. A user can upload a Digital File like an MP3, or a Video file that customers can then purchase. Roughly 7 days after a first being uploaded we review the file to check for copyright infringement. If a user has sold a File containing illegal content we delete the file from the system and refund the customer in full and issue the infringer with a 3 strike warning. If the File checks out the purchaser of the File can use that particular file within the content of a new piece of work. In other words, a filmmaker could purchase a song on xinportals and use that as their soundtrack on thier film, as that song is considered Royalty Free.

    We believe it is a much more sustainable business model. And we only charge a small % per transaction. For example for a video sold for 25 cents, we charge 6 cents. Unlike the Myspace/Napster deal where they are going to charge 45 cents for a 1 dollar sale!

    Would love to know what you think of the site Joe, we are just starting out and this Forum seems like a good first start in getting industry expert opinion.

    Kind Regards

    Johan P. de Borst
    Managing Director
    xindevelopment Ltd.

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    unfortunatly there is noone to govern this and there probably never will.

    how are you going to do this ....sit beside everyone as they log on the internet and tell them what they can and cant do.....its a waist of money if you ask me...just my two cents!

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    Re: Universal Sues MySpace

    when is the tiral?

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    Re: Universal Sues MySpace

    aha, thats very well done i the trial soon?
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    Re: Universal Sues MySpace

    They might be able to sue myspace to make an example but there are so many others out there.
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    Re: Universal Sues MySpace

    In my opinion, there is no way for Universal to hold MySpace or YouTube responsible. I suspect they'll next decide to go after the millions of users that are uploading such files...even more difficult.

    I suspect that rather than enforceability in court, what we're likely to see is some sort of digital encryption that makes a piece not only readily identifiable as to source, but perhaps even impossible to decrypt without the key (at least for a week or two, until some 15 year old hacker uploads a how-to to YouTube).

  8. The following user agrees with Doc:
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    Re: Universal Sues MySpace

    I was thinking that maybe they just become partners so their problem is solved
    and both parties can increase their income..

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    Re: Universal Sues MySpace

    May by Universal should comporate with MySpace to sell the music to MySpace users.

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    Re: Universal Sues MySpace

    Myspace is nice one. But there are many better social networking sites are available.

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