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Thread: Top Ten Reasons Your Web Site Needs Help

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    Sneakapeek, accessibility is not only about blind persons.

    Here are two articles of our which can clarify your questions:

    1. Why accessibility is important to you
    2. The need for accessibility
    3. In concerns of SEO, have a look at this thread I started a while ago: Google Tests Accessible Search Page
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    Nice links...great article...

    Nice links, great articles, great overview web...
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    Re: Nice links...great article...

    Quote Originally Posted by weslinda
    Nice links, great articles, great overview web...
    Thanks Wes. If they are so great, why don't you add them in your post above, to avoid further questions?

    Users prefer that we back up our statements as you already know. :)

    But I told you already that you rules above rule. But I told you that already. ;)
    John S. Britsios (aka Webnauts), UX & Semantic Search Consultant.

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    Well I can certainly do that. I didn't know I could still edit the original post. I'll do that in a little bit.
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    Great advices. I'm sure it will benefit alot of new webmasters. Thanks!

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    basic stuff

    I found this post quite boring in that it really just re-staed what we have heard about 8 million times elsewhere... So, I thought I'd spice it up with something quite newish and introduce you to something I find extremely annoying about web design and web designers generally...

    As I see it, I think it's time we all moved on from the idea that web design is a form of design. A good website is one where the design goes unnoticed, in my opinion. Web design as we know it, really is about layout and organisation, not design as such.

    Fair enough, in some contexts there is a case for going overboard with design and it is here I think you could say there are design issues at stake; I'm talking about portfolio sites and "fun" sites...

    For the majority of us though, the purpose of a website is to communicate, transmit information, and generate business... design only becomes an issue when it has failed.

    I think in years to come the idea of being a web designer will be laughed and scoffed at... websites are starting to suscribe to set layouts and ways of doing things that, as we speak, are undermining the very notion of web design. As more sites become dynamic this trend is likely to continue and increase too, and that's a good thing.

    Newspapers are pretty much all the same so why should websites do it differently? I don't hear anyone talking about well designed newspapers, not often anyway. The sooner web layout (or design, if you insist) is standardized, the better.
    The saga continues...

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    Unfortunately untrue...

    Good ideas here, and while I think we all agree that design is moving into new territories, I would have to disagree with some of your statements.

    While it may be perceived by the few that "design" is becoming very general and similar, I think that if you take a few moments to review some of the sites that have been submitted for review, you'll see that there is a long way for many to go in the "design" category.

    With that said, I think that actual web design will become a more specialized art form, versus going the way of "scoffed at". The issue here is that there is so much to be done with a site that design is many times lost. Take the example you mentioned of newspapers. While many "look" the same. Just a few months back one of the regional newspapers near me did a complete overhaul of their design, and I would have to say for the better.

    Also, different designs work for different environments. Take a look at USA Today beside The Wallstreet Journal, and I think you'll see my point.

    This post was designed to help newcomers learn what is most important in how to design their site, not be a catalyst of what design will look like 20 years.

    I think your statement regarding the "design" going unnoticed is somewhat true, however, I'd hate for a well written book to go unnoticed because we all chose to use the same covers instead of adding the flare that is necessary.

    Design isn't going anywhere, it's just evolving and I think that the only reason that web designers are getting "scoffed at" as you say is because many are not achieving even the basic ideas listed in this original post.
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    To be designed or not?

    Some interesting points gpconnnelly, & I agree with some but does 'font', text size, colour, size & colour of a border etc, etc, not come under 'design'? I think so, but then that is my opinion. Think of those Websites that you leave on the first page; the relevant info may be there but the overall 'design' of the page puts you off!

    Saying that 'design' works when it is not noticed can be true; in some cases it means you have got it right, but in others the design NOT being noticed may mean your piece is overlooked for another's whose design simply looks better & is more attractive/easier on the eye. A newspaper has to be designed to ensure the layout works, attracts the eye, and does not muddle or confuse the reader, & depicts the right image. Even if templates are used, every page will not look the same as that would just not attract the reader; this is where design comes in.

    Having worked very closely on the new design of our Site, even down to the colour of the hoverlinks, has been very time consuming but at the end of the day being a fashion-selling Site appearances do count; first impressions & all that. This has been designed more on a 'layout' design, to ensure easy use for the customer to browse & purchase; it is a B2C Site. However when we do our B2B Site it will be more of a designed Site & not use 'layouts' thus ensuring that the design does 'stand out!! the end of the day different design is needed for different places.
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    For print media there are standards (styles), the Chicago Manual of Style. What is for the Web?
    John S. Britsios (aka Webnauts), UX & Semantic Search Consultant.

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    Branding - Opinion vs. Target Market

    Nice points for the most part. However, I disagree with some points that you made, such as the fade-in/out and flash intro. You failed to consider the purpose of the website and the target market.

    Most forum discussions about web design that I've read don't consider marketing strategies. The opinions tend to emphasize the same design elements which lead to the same style of website design.

    I haven't counted, but there must be a large percentage of websites using those "file folder tabs" at the top. They're good for an office-supply store. But, why would an auto shop or nautical store use file-folder tabs? Laziness, lack of creativity, or low budget? How about navigating the auto shop with toolbox drawers and the nautical store with sailor's knots or portholes?
    Let's look at this from a marketing point of view.

    When you design a website, in addition to making a sale or informing a visitor, the goal is to Be Remembered. If you try something that others aren't doing, you'll be remembered. So, go ahead and use that fade-in or other page transition that WesLinda doesn't like. Be different.

    For a successful site, Appeal to Your Target Market. I've been to some websites that I think are just awful. But they have a successful appeal to their chosen market (My demographics are even close to their target).

    If you're a designer, advertising company, or a video website, go ahead and include that flash intro with a "skip" link. Design for your target market.

    How about those annoying blinking and flashing images? Look at research studies (e.g., Nielsen) and you'll find people don't like them, get angry and will eventually leave the site. This is much more important to avoid than a nicely designed relevant flash intro.

    We use large image files linked to from a smaller ones for expensive items where our clients demand a closer look-see. The images have no greater resolution than a monitor, but large in size. If you're paying $hundreds to $thousands for an item, you'll wait for the large image to load. We keep the large images less than 25 seconds, mostly under 20 sec, to load at 56kpbs. And, they still look great!

    However, I've seen thumbnails at such high-resolution that they do take an awful long time to load. That's just a waste of resources. I think that this is what WesLinda may be thinking.

    All in all, I encourage you to think about Branding Strategies and Appealing to your Target Market when designing a new layout. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it won't be successful. Put your mind in the place of the intended audience and you'll do great.
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