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Thread: Nothing Sneaky Here

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    Nothing Sneaky Here

    Several comments posted on this forum deal with the "sneaky" or curiosity appproach used in MLM prospecting. This article presents some interesting points for us (network marketers)

    A quote to peek your curiosity from: A Call to Arms

    Throughout history, these luxuries were only available to the precious few. Today, while the percentage of massive success hasn't changed all that much from the past, the people have.
    The full article covers more than who's buying luxury items. So, after reading the article, please post your own comments. (Rate it if you like.)
    ~~ Wayne T. ~~

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    Sneaky MLM

    As a network marketer of some 3 years, I enjoyed reading the article - yes I agree we should celebrate network marketing.

    We get to choose who we work with, and we do that by being sociable with people. One of the most successful people in my upline always says "make friends first, then talk business". I have made some very good friends over the last 3 years, and whether they are successful or not they will always be friends.

    Network marketing is becoming recognised as the most powerful way of recommending a product or service, but this business is not for everyone. There is no compulsion to sign up - just go for it if you want to, it's your choice !
    Your health in your hands.
    Your wealth in your hands.
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    I agree but of course MLM had a bad start and still attract some cowboys and monry pyramids. We must disassociate real Network Marketing from this.

    There are many great companies now using Network Marketing, it's a great way of growing a business.
    Malcolm Cooper
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    I'd say the article was a lot of fluff. The article builds up MLM without taking a look at the majority of MLM: the scams. I've yet to see a person become rich off of Avon, Shakly, Jewelway, Big Dogs, Happenures etc. or any other such upline-downline mechanisms but I've seen a lot of money dumped into these things from unsuspecting people (ok, I've dumped money into them also). I've got a Yacht, but I've never met anyone at the Marina who made their money from MLM. I wonder why that is?
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    I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but I always like to present an opposing view for sake of argument.

    This is long, but well worth the read if you're considering becoming an MLM-er:

    Enjoy... and good luck.
    Bobby G. Davis
    Director, Marketing and Web Design
    Computer Peripherals Unlimited, Inc.
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    I don't think your raining on anyone's parade, MLM should be blasted for what it is... A continuous massive recuitment of unsuspecting newbies that will never stop, every day a new sucker is born....

    That article above is a winna!


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    MLM is good and bad

    I have been involved in mlm or rather network marketing as I choose to refer to it for many years.

    I have experienced great success with two companies although one went out of business and the other did several things that caused me to lose income and decide to leave the particular company. The first was due to company mismanagement and the other because my successful upline who was helping me and other people in his downline got "booted out" because of generic advertising he was using. He had got verbal approval from the vice president of marketing but nothing in writing. The company president said no more advertising from you and so my upline left the company. He did manage to sell his business for $2 million and move to another company before eventually starting his own.

    Anyway I now have an ezine which teaches people how to promote online and I am learning how to promote in an entirely different fashion. Before it was direct mail only, but now the Internet comes into play.

    This business does work but it isn't for the faint hearted or those who get discouraged easily.

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    What is MLM?

    The common answer is; the marketing of goods and services through a network of people. My answer is; the development of leadership who harness their creativity and influence in duplicable systems and programs. They provide hope to people who may otherwise have no opportunity. MLM is a hope providing business. In no other field of endeavor does a leader have the ability to significantly touch people.

    You are what you think!!

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    MLM - the devil's work ?

    I'm glad my posting caused some responses. As I said in my original posting ".. it's your choice." I've just skimmed through the massive article in webmaestro's posting above. Strikes me somebody has got an axe to grind. Yes there will be unethical people in MLM, as there are in every other walk of life. Yes the MLM system adds commissions etc. to the price of the product - strangely enough that wealthy business man who owns the warehouse adds an amount for profit before selling his goods to the distributor. The distributor adds the same before selling to the chain store. The chain store etc. before the individual buys the product which originally cost a fraction of the price.
    Nobody will deny that in MLM you are trying to make money. That's what all business is about is it not ? I know a number of people who have made substantial incomes from MLM. They achieved it through hard work. I also know people who have made very little or no income. Like many others in the World they blame the MLM system, not the fact that they didn't put any effort into their business.
    Once again though I will say if it's not for you, fine - don't get involved. But don't continue to knock people who are successful.
    If you are going to get involved make sure you 'check' the business out as being genuine and legal - the same as you would if you were going to take on a franchise or open a shop. The difference is that usually the MLM opportunity comes your way through somebody that you know. So to all MLM'ers Good luck !
    Your health in your hands.
    Your wealth in your hands.
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    sneaky some but not all

    You can make loads of money in MLM.

    I was making thousands every month in Amway.My upline owned a multimillion dollar home in Hawaii.They were great humble people that worked very hard to get where they are. You have to be ready to be successful.Most people will not change their habits enough to become a success,they quit and blame MLM,the company,the upline,ect..ect..ect..
    I'am now in Excel. A check will be in my pobox this month whether I do anything. Our services are great not over priced. I'am willing to bend over backwards to help people in my downline. I like MLM its great.
    I ask people hey you want to make some extra money?
    They say yea. I show them what I do. You can make money in excel just marketing the the services and never sponsor a soul. Get in with a company that you like. Find what you do well. Put your head to the plow and do'nt look back. www.globalsuccess2000/zeal (Password zeal)

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