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Thread: IT Company website looking for tips for seo

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    IT Company website looking for tips for seo

    I have just created my site and added all the tags etc. It would be appreciated if someone could have a look and let me know how I could improve it. Any suggestions of links or seo would be much appreciated.

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    Dear Nickels (if I may call you so),
    I think your site needs simple debugging.

    There are basic links to support and and Special Offers not working 404 error.

    Then the products page gets me (with my Mozilla 1.5 browser) to a raw html/xml page from an ASP program. this raw program has references to MS office. If you want your site in any way doing well with search engines, get rid of the huge fluff all the MS products do produce.

    Things like :
    <v:f eqn="sum #0 0 10800"/>
    <v:f eqn="prod #0 2 1"/>
    <v:f eqn="sum 21600 0 @1"/>
    <v:f eqn="sum 0 0 @2"/>
    <v:f eqn="sum 21600 0 @3"/>
    <v:f eqn="if @0 @3 0"/>
    <v:f eqn="if @0 21600 @1"/>
    <v:f eqn="if @0 0 @2"/>
    <v:f eqn="if @0 @4 21600"/>
    <v:f eqn="mid @5 @6"/>
    <v:f eqn="mid @8 @5"/>
    <v:f eqn="mid @7 @8"/>
    <v:f eqn="mid @6 @7"/>
    <v:f eqn="sum @6 0 @5"/>
    say nothing to a search engine, but they push the important content way back on your page. Search engines tend to give more weight to content (keywords) they find at the beginning of a page, rather at the end. And for that they take all the useless fluff - like scripts etc. - into account. Don't ask me why.

    It's also better for your users, if they can get style sheets and scripts from external files (<link> tag), because this is not reloaded for every page. It makes page loading a lot faster (from the second page on)

    My recommendation would be: migrate from MS Tools to straight HTML tools (a Notepad can do wonders). You might be able to stay with ASP - but I don't know if that is the part that is responsible for all that fluff. You have a strange combination of ASP and Apache anyway - may be you would be better served with simple CGI scripts or an PHP application.

    By the way link-pages (with relevant??? links), Counters and References to your shopping cart provider are No-No s (unless something like the shopping cart is an open source software project). It feels cheap (and usually is, because you got it for cheap or free in return for putting up the advertisement for them - in case of open source it at least smells like you are knowledgeable). It does not add to your credibility.

    Also, if you want to sell something, do it. Don't make people read at the front page, what it is you are doing. Rather show them your products and specials of the week/month. Examples: Outpost or Micro Center or Dell

    Enough for today. In my opinion you are not ready for business and not ready for SEO what so ever. Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news, but you asked.


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    Re: IT Company website looking for tips for seo

    Tested in IE6 800x600 56k modem. Loads nice and fast. Too wide for 800x600. Has several errors:-

    line 92
    char 1
    'menu' undefined

    line 326
    char 1
    'mymenu2' undefined

    Text looks a bit odd spaced out like it is. Otherwise, it is basically a good design. Good luck with it.


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