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Thread: New US Link and Domain Law

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    Re: New US Link and Domain Law

    What will happen to children if they come across nudity
    I fail to see what type of damage is inflicted onto a kid if he or she happens to see aspects of human sexuality. Will the kid become a sordid sexual offender - a new fictional subspecie of humanity created by the moralist quacks in psychology? There are absolutely zero credible studies to support any of this nonsense which contends that children are adversely affect by this type of content. This is because none of these soft scientists can use control samples versus experimental samples in their studies. Therefore, all of this moralistic babble about protecting children lacks any substantive empirical support.
    R Cole

    You are completely missing the point. It isnt about what will happen to them as adults, its what is happening to them as children! The damage is seen in our children having sex younger and younger - thus having kids of their own before they should or getting and passing STD's. Just a few years or so ago the average age of having sex was age 12. Now the average age is 9. Children do not have the concept to educate themselves on the entire realm of what goes into having sex. They are curious, they want to experiment or there is pressure from their peers.

    Our children are being exposed to sex and sexual inuendos more often as time goes on. When I was a kid you would not see half the sexually explicit material you will see today. You certainly wouldn't see "40 yr old virgin" playing on a Saturday early afternoon like you were able to in Januray 2008 on USA much less even see the commercials played all hours of the day, any day for an entire month. You wouldn't hear "Sexual Seduction" on the radio either on your way to school. Society is making light of sex and the impact sex has on a person more and more as time goes on. Kids act on what they see and hear - mostly out of curiosity and pressure. Children are not responsible enough to have sex - the same could be said for many adults but at least they are adults. The consequences in having sex should not be available to children, and these consequences happen to our children because our society encourages sex to who ever will listen.

    In looking at a lot of the responses here and the only "negative" being posted here about children seeing porn is preditor issues. There are more issues at stake here.... curiosity to reenact what they see, pressure to be more "adult" and hormones (yes even at 8, 9, 10 - caused by precocious puberty and endocrine diseases) raging.

    Also, the comments about "loop holes" are huge cop outs. 'Gee lets not bother because some arse hole will figure out a way around it" - are you kidding me? Your answer is dont bother because there is probably a way around it? WOW! What ever happened to "baby steps". Its important to start the ball somewhere and get it better along the way instead of having an "oh well" attitutde.

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    Re: New US Link and Domain Law

    Well at least they are doing something up there in washington

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    Re: New US Link and Domain Law

    Its a paper tiger, its only going to be charged if they're going after you for something else, ie. child porn, then it'll be an add on charge and if anybody even realizes that its illegal!
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    Re: Misleading Hyperlinks.

    Quote Originally Posted by wmarr View Post
    I agree that regulations and enforcement with regards to internet preditors should be in place.
    This is from my own experience while searching a site for graphics to use on a childs birthday card.
    While searching, I clicked on a link for more graphics and a pornography site came up.
    Now,,, this is a site for children, which has pokeman, digimon cards etc, it was titled Nikolodian if I am not mistaken. ( I may have mispelled it)But this was for kids!! And a porno link embedded in the page!! What if my son who is under the age of 13 were to go there on his own to look at stuff. It was by pure luck that I found it out first before hand. I think that all web sites should be examined for content and all links tested by an independent body.
    If responsible and mature people whom have access to the internet could be hired by contract to search out sites and test them. I think that a lot of internet trash would soon be weeded out. But there must be a responsible governing body to report to that also has the power to shut those sites down that don't comply.
    What? ALL websites? Every single one? And who would select the Independent body? How would it work?

    Just suppose you have the job of running it. How would you check and verify websites in British English, Cymraeg, Lalans, (LowLands Scottish English) Gaelic (Irish) Gaelic (Scottish) Gernow, (Cornish) Y Ghailck (Isle of Man Gaelic)? All of those are languages of the British Isles.

    You'd have to work out how to check websites using those languages and the thousands of other languages from round the world.
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    Re: New US Link and Domain Law

    Jurisidiction is naturally a major problem. You could essentially police it at the domain name level. Ensuring 'due process' would be difficult, ie. who has the authority to take the rights to the domain name away?

    Very problematic, I agree, Martinscholes!
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    Re: New US Link and Domain Law

    Uhm guys, this thread is two years old.
    Was this law ever since applied anywhere?
    The only thing I found is an article noting that the Bush administration didn't include any money in its 2008 or 2009 budgets for the Act: Vitter seeks funding for child-safety act-
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    Re: New US Link and Domain Law

    Great idea.

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    Re: New US Link and Domain Law

    It doesn't help either that kids under 13 can still get into sites that are for 13 and over. They just lie about their age.

    Parental controls and software set up is not easy for most parents. It's still not as user friendly as it needs to be and parents are unable to securely lock out their kids from adult Internet sites. Not only that, it can be expensive to acquire parental controls that work better than the stuff that comes with Windows and half the time it doesn't filter out everything anyhow. Plus, kids know how to get around it half the time too!

    I was looking up the A-B-C song for my kids one day and clicked a link that said it was what I was looking for but NOPE - it was hardcore and my kids were standing right next to me. Thankfully, they were watching TV behind us as I scrambled to click off the page. You have to continuously click the X button too sometimes because of the scripts these sites use that keep bringing up page after page after page.

    Clearly, these laws are nothing more than somebody trying to gain some brownie points. They are not enforceable laws but are only used as a way to fine someone that happens to get caught. It's another money maker law.

    I still get just as much spam in my email inbox as I always have despite the laws they passed about that. Didn't make one bit of difference to me as an email user. So, I doubt this one will make much difference either.
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    Re: New US Link and Domain Law

    you mean there is a new .us domain link? The story is not clear for me. can someone shed lights on this?

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