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Thread: What would you do for your Mom's 70th Birthday?

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    What would you do for your Mom's 70th Birthday?

    A 70th birthday is a monumental milestone. My Mom turns 70 on the 27th this month. She is a highly acclaimed Sante Fe (New Mexico) artist. You can find some of her works here:

    She is 70 going on 40, in perfect health with quite a bit of energy and acclaim in the art world.

    What do you do for a mother like that on her 70th birthday?

    Any suggestions?

    Mountain Eagle Marketing
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    I took my mom (at the time 82 going on 40!) and the whole family to a local microbrewery. Great meal, great beer, lotsa laughs...and the pub even gave her a birthday gift certificate for $10 - which she used to take Dad (87) out for lunch and a pint a few weeks later.

    Good times...

    In general, Mom has a theory about gifts for the senior set -- since she already has every material thing she wants, here is her wise counsel:

    Gifts should be either completely

    a) timeless (i.e., house, expensive jewelry); or
    b) ephemeral (flowers, candy, wine, perfume).

    And the most treasured gift of all is the gift of time...hence, I tried to show Mom a good time at the pub!

    Cheers and best wishes!
    Laura Bergells
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    Hmmm, Ken.... Does she have her OWN website? Might be something a web developer (son) could create for her. :)

    I gave my 77-year-old Mom her own domain; she still gets kick out of it, especially when she tells her friends her email address. They're always impressed.

    My husband is an artist and a Dick Blick gift certificate always makes him happy.

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    Thanks maniactive for the suggestion, I bet you guys had a great time. In fact in Houston we have a number of great microbreweries that are also restaurants.

    I wish we didn't live a 1000 miles away from each other.

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    LOL - Marcie

    I cut my teeth designing a Site for her nearly 10 years ago. Things have changed since then and we have been engaged in talks for a number of Sites.

    A milestone (35 years ago): When I was 16, I snuck one of her oil paintings out of the house and entered it into a competition and she ended up winning an award.

    There are a number of marketing difficulties one encounters in the Art World.

    We did just pick up 5 nice URLs and are considering splitting out into 3 separate websites for her works in sculpture and contemporary and traditional painting. She is quite accomplished, currently showing in "Reflection Gallery".

    She has some high quality giclee reproductions available right now. It is really inexcusable not to throw some marketing prowess behind her work.

    Every master painter in history has painted sunflowers. Here is one of hers that I particularly like:

    We are going forward, marketing her works. That particular piece is available now in limited edition (75) giclee, signed and numbered by the artist. It is available through the artist only, anyone interested can contact me directly.

    She also does fine art sculpture in bronze, up to life size figures.

    Not many people get the opportunity to represent an artist with "master" skills.

    You are right Marcie, I should have been on top of it a long time ago.

    Mountain Eagle Marketing
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    Beer and art...

    Lovely paintings, Greeneagle!

    Artists DO have special marketing needs....both on and offline.

    For example -- what kind of search engine terms would you target for your mom's site? Too much competition you have to significantly broaden the marketing approach...

    Many new artists are turning to blogs to post new work and ideas. Good old fashioned email marketing works wonders, too.

    As for giclee -- most artists are hip to its benefits...but many of their potential buyers are not!

    (Example: one of my favorite downtown galleries here in Grand Rapids had to put up a few pages devoted to explaining
    giclee to its clientele. I'm all for descriptive online copy writing...and I see your Mom's gallery had to do the same!)

    And unless an artist is very established (think Dali or an eBay artist with 10,000 +++ sales) or very inexpensive and low-risk (think , it seems that buying art online requires an intuitive leap of faith.

    Is what you see online what you get in the real world?

    Now, all that said -- maybe you should experience your 70 year old mom in person! Never mind the 1,000 miles -- like you said, it's a milestone! That's what plane tickets are for! What a great gift!

    To stretch the analogy -- isn't a 70th birthday a good time to experience "real" mom instead of "phone" mom?

    "Original" mom instead of "giclee" mom?

    Laura Bergells
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    maniactive and Marcie,

    Thank you very much for your comments so far. It looks like both of you are well versed in art topics, including the marketing thereof...

    I would appreciate any tips you ladies want to lay out here.

    I haven't posted access to much of her work here yet. Our primary focus getting kicked off will be on a very nice "introspective, meditation, new age" contemporary series she has worked on, on the side for some while. Knowing the art world as you seem to, I think you will see the need to separate styles going forward.

    This new series will be presented under:, or

    Which sounds better there?

    Here is a sample, "Directions":

    These are what I would call "extreme esoteric" works, that I like very much! I sincerely believe they will "play out" in the marketplace well.

    Your advice is appreciated here!


    Note to anyone following this thread:
    These images and works are copyrighted by Val Bishop Studio with all rights reserved.
    Mountain Eagle Marketing
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    That image elicited a "Wow" from me in an empty office! This promises to be an amazing series...

    Instantly, I gravitated to --- although you will have spelling issues with that one! is easier to enter directly into the address bar -- less opportunities for misspellings.

    Perhaps "AConsciousWorld" could be your tagline for the the site.

    Fantastic image.
    Laura Bergells
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    What beautiful work - thanks for sharing, Ken! Stunning colors and interesting subjects. I am intrigued.

    I like a great deal. Art is a great place to escape to and great art inspires great thought... meditation, if you will. I have always had a great appreciation for art - my family is made up of artists and creative thinkers. When I met my husband 15 years ago, I then learned about the business of art, which is a challenge.

    (maniactive - my sister is a graduate of Kendall School of Design in GR. She still lives there in GR and does some freelance design work. Her big love is her handbell choir, though - Embellish.)

    Uh oh, Regatta is starting... and You Gotta Regatta!

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    Oooh, a woman who's idea of a good time is a trip to a brewery and talks about beer in "pints" I think I may be in love. Can you enlarge that avatar :)
    "I have not failed. I have found 10,000 ways that don't work" - Thomas Edison.
    "The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources" - Albert Einstein.

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