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Thread: Support for small search engines

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    I will look now as I do want to kick start the search engine group again after my month away from computers!

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    XML or Javascript

    I can share all of my results via XML or Javascript. I can also share results in a database structure. It would be very easy to include within any other search framework.
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    Is this your own indexed results or off another search engine, I could be quite intereted if they are your own feed

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    Small SE

    Small SE chance to get high traffic. You provide good service to visitors.

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    Re: Support for small search engines

    Its really good idea whatever u are thinking for.Interesting one.

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    Re: Support for small search engines

    By the way, what's the basic service do we expect from a SE? yes, a focused effort is necessary to break the vicious circle.

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    Re: Support for small search engines

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    I have been in contact with a few owners of small search engines on here and discussed a few ideas.
    That does seem like a good idea, about a year ago I enabled a few meta search engines to send queries directly into my small search engine and since then we have been getting an additional few thousand queries everyday which is good for the sites we have indexed.
    I would be interested in hearing about your ideas on this subject.
    All the best
    Dave Andrews (AKA Linknz)

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    Re: Support for small search engines

    I actually used to work with small search engines most of the times and really enjoys working on them .

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    Thumbs up Re: Support for small search engines

    Hello all, this is a very interesting post. I'd like to see if some ideas have come from it yet. Probably offline.

    Not sure if I can post URLs, but the search engine/business directory I currently run is and one of the ideas was to involve SEO people and work closely with them, which is why we created the developers directory

    I also have in the pipeline, which could be a work of cooperation with people from this list. Anyways, let me know where some of this discussion has led to so far, and see if I can be of any assistance.
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