OK we all know that WPW has become a great location for for asking and finding out info on search engine marketing. For that reason many of the questions that some of the newbie's out there could have been asked before. Before posting your question on the forum considering doing this query on Google and seeing if their might be a related thread out there that can help you.

It is simple. Go to Google and use the site operator along with the keywords from your question. Here is an example thread of someone wondering about their title appearing in the Google. I remember discussing Google doing this with description tags from DMOZ before so I went to Google type this in the search box this:

site:http://www.webproworld.com/ DMOZ description in Google

and found this in the first few results:


You might occasionally see me referencing old threads for certain questions. This is all I do to find them and I think every newbie should consider doing so before posting to help eliminate repetitive questions.