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Thread: On-site Search

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    On-site Search

    Many times on-site search is an overlooked topic, but the trend of making better on-site search and bringing results that will convert more is growing.
    Anyway, my question is divided in 2 parts.

    1 - Do you know of any study or do you have an opinion about giving filtering options to user on the first search? or is it better just to have a search box?

    By options on the search I mean there is a search box and a drop down box. An example would be that users can search products for GUYS or GIRLS already on the first search.

    So, how do users respond to the layout with filter options on the first search, against doing a simple search, and then refine the results?

    2 - Refine options: What do you think works best, having full listing of the options or using drop down menus?


    full list of options would be like:

    shirt (12)
    shorts (35)
    shoes (21)

    awesome brand (7)
    cool brand (12)
    crazy brand (8)

    Drop down boxes would have all this options in separate boxes, one for categories, another for brands, etc...

    What do you think?

    I think search is very important, and sharing our experience is good for everybody in this business.

    I appreciate your input.


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    I would recommend you the second option.
    John S. Britsios (aka Webnauts), UX & Semantic Search Consultant.

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    agree that on-site search is overlooked a lot. I also have to agree that I think the 2nd option is the way to go.

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