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Thread: ASP and Jet Database Management

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    ASP and Jet Database Management

    I have hunted around the forum without success, so hopefully someone can answer this for me.

    I have been asked to convert an old ASP / Access 2000 database website solely in terms of layout and the Access database field names. The client already has an Access 2000 database running their front end office database management for a rather exlcusive employment agency and has not previously needed a website.

    I have been asked to test the site out on my own laptop computer and not on-line due to the sensitivity of some data.

    I run Windows XP with bucket loads of spare space. I looked at trying to load Xaitami but it doesn't appear to support ASP and Jet Database Management.


    1. Is it possible to run ASP and Jet Database Management on a computer running XP with Access 2000?

    2. If yes, then where do I find the software and what do I need?

    3. If no, what are the alternatives, please?

    Many thanks all in advance.
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    Is it XP Home or XP Pro?

    If it's the latter (and I haven't tried this, so don't hold me to it), you should just be able to set it up running the MS Office server extensions that come with Office 2000 and IIS.

    Just make sure that, when you do, you optimize your ASP code for speed and avoid timestops whenever possible. Most people miss this (because most ASP samples out there do, too) and their sites run slowly and they blame Access when Access really isn't to blame.

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    XP, ASP et alia

    Hi Adam

    Thanks for the response, but sadly I run XP Home on this computer. I do however have a full spec Office 2003 Pro CD but never loaded as I have never needed it.

    I do also have an old very low sized hard drive laptop with Xp-Pro foolishly loaded on top of Windows 2000 by someone who should have known better, and who then allowed it to get seriously invaded by spyware and adware. Unfortunatly the same person managed to keep the CD but throw away the key codes, which give you three reasons why he is a former member of staff.

    Might that be of any help?

    PS where do I look for server extensions. It's not something I have ever needed before.

    Once again thanks for the speedy response.
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