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Thread: My name is Katie - I am the owner of Just4YouDesigns

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    My name is Katie - I am the owner of Just4YouDesigns

    Hi! My name is Katie, and I just started my own web design business. It's not just web design, but other small business tools like advertising, multimedia, etc.

    My URL is

    God Bless!


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    Hi Katie,
    Welcome to WebProWorld
    Web Hosting Guru
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    Hello Katie. Welcome aboard.
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    Yes, I will have a look at your website.
    Best Regards,

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    Hiya Katie,

    Hello and pleased to meet you and all that...your site looks good - just had a quick flick through it and looks quite clean and tidy. I particularly like the dandelion seeds being blown off their stalk! Anyway, you probably know already, but in case you don't, just to give you a heads-up I tried to view and got a message saying the page didn't exist.

    Maybe see you around anyway,


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    Thank you!


    Thank You for letting me know about that link! I see now that I misspelled "portfolio" as "portolio"!



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    Welcome! Nice site! Very professional.

    I like the google adwords nested below, it's so subtly done that it almost looks like it's meant to be a part of the site.

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    hello! welcome to the forums =)

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    Hello Katie, nice to have you around :)

    Your site looks really cool, but.... it's not totally negative, as an 'SEOer', I don't particularly like frames of any sort.

    I started as a pro webdesigner and LOVED frames before I realized that my beautiful frames were costing me and my clients, so I switched to SEO, and over time, I have come to realize that sites without frames are much better, no matter how beautiful they may be.

    So, frames on your homepage may not be a good idea. Hope I make sense, though. All the best, LOL.
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    Hi, Katie:
    Maybe you should enlarge the resolution so that it can adopt to large screens like mine, do you agree?
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