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Thread: Plz Tell Me Tool For Checking SERP

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    Plz Tell Me Tool For Checking SERP


    Can Any Body Let Me Know, Tool For Any Site To Check

    Its Position In SERP of G,Y and MSN.

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    Search Engine Ranking Software


    You can use a free online service such as ,there you can check your site in a number of search engines for top 10 placements or you can use a piece of software like IBP

    There is a trial package that lets you search a single search engine at a time for a list of keywords for one or several domains , the results can be exported to Excell format for analysis

    To check against the big 3 SE's you have to run the analysis tool 3 seperate times and it produce 3 seperate report if you buy a full version it can chaeck againg unlimited SE's and compile one report

    I currently have used the Trial version for just this purpose and am looking for something similar with more option

    Hope this helps

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    Found a FREE tool to check unlimited keywords or phrases against as many domains as you like for the top three search engines


    Used this tool tonight and i reckon its ace would be great if it would output a report to excel but i simply copied and pasted the info into excel and hey presto a professional report

    Here is the link

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    Thank You for precious references

    Finally I Setteled

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    You might also consider


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    FREE Tools

    You have no other option then to use the FREE Tools at -

    They are excellent and you also get a FREE SEO Toolbar.. Toolbar info on the site.

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