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Thread: As for Google

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    Can I ask what may be a stupid question, but what exactly does 'spam' mean when relating to search engines?

    I thought spam was unwanted emails?!?

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    when it comes to SE's spam is many things, but basically it is cramming a keyword or keywords into a page in all ways shapes and forms, from hidden text to the content. Just to get a better ranking for the keyword(s).

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    Google Rules!

    When I search my own sites key words -
    or even my URL on the major search engines
    and indexes I find that Google is tops!

    Teoma is three months behind on my site content
    as is Ask Jeeves.

    AltaVista was slow in listing my site, and is
    also behind with the updates.

    Google feeds most of the search directories that
    span 17 time zones that visit my website. The
    listing are current and my ranking quite high;
    I can be found within the top 10 on most of my
    keyword searches on google.

    Search 'herbal index' on Google and my site is #3.

    I'm more than happy with their omnipotent power.
    Herbal Index Online
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    An online herbal index of alternative
    traditional herbal remedies, recipes,
    and potions. Be entertained, maybe even
    enlightened, but, be informed.

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    um, can we say monopoly??
    Rarely do I use Google straight out to search. especially now in the einflux.
    V. Faulkner
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