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Thread: Extreme * Unforgetable * Beauty, Mesmerization, Exhileration

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    Extreme * Unforgetable * Beauty, Mesmerization, Exhileration

    Instinctual Beauty

    Not factoring in the Intellectual eg: download time, navigation, content etc...

    and Being unapologetically hedonistic; What in your opinion is:

    The most beautiful WebPage(s) site(s) you have ever visited - (why)...

    What is the most beautiful Flash Into/ Animation/ Background Graphic you have seen...
    What is the most beautiful Web Color combination you have seen...

    What is the most beautiful FONT...

    Again , only talking about the senses, something so gorgeous that it kept your attention mesmerized - unable to turn away...

    Is there the Ultimate Universal combination of aesthetics...
    crossing all Nationalities and Cultures

    [there is another version of this post on another related forum - a comparison of answers might be interesting]

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    Interesting site

    One site I like is
    It doesn't do much but it's cool to look at and play with. And for those interested, there is some pretty amazing code in there
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    I really like and their portfolio is really impressive


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    The worlds most beautifull site

    I can't see a thing wrong with this site, it's pastoral, warm and very friendly, as well as being a contender for having the most interesting navigation I've come across. Period.

    Check it out at:

    A truly awesome & Original site. Let me know what you think
    Kind regards,

    Tim Ward


    Adams Creative

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    what's good

    Sometimes web sites are verry nice and "the most beautiful WebPage". But even with a high ranking and a good seo whats the content of that site. Is this site given the information where people are looking for or only give them a good looking keyword ritch site whitout special content. Special flash,special lay out, beautiful design, but a never come back site if there is no good content.

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    Beautiful Web Sites

    I think this site is cool.
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    I must be simple minded

    I've visited all the above links, and to tell the truth, I'm not a fan of flash design. Takes too long to load. I prefer the simpler pages. If I go to a site, it's usually for the content, not the flash. It's just my opinion, mind you ....

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    i agree

    Yes, thmorin i agree. Content is the most important and not the embalage.


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    Big Entertainment is Hard to Beat

    The real money is with the big boys, and they hire top of the line pros to build the best.

    I've linked to many of these sites, but the best are the ones where your can get flash and downloads as well.

    Here are a few. CAUTION! Many of these sites have POP-UPS!

    If you are interested in content sites, then

    Beauty is a key factor in brining in an audience and growing a customer base. I'm really glad that this subject was brought up.

    =^0o^= Yad
    Thomas Day AKA Yadmot

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    Here is a site I like

    I like this one: Mirabella Mansori Day Spa

    I must admit that we built it, but I really do like it and the client gave us good feedback and a great brand to work with.

    Red Door Interactive
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