Hello all,

We set clients up on eBay (hang on, this is not an ad) including trying to search optimize their eBay Stores for external search engines. We aren't getting the external pick up we want for the eBay stores.

Most eBay stores get 90%+ traffic from eBay. But there is an option to expose store inventory to external feeds. We always turn this on. This *should* cause Froogle to pick up eBay store inventory. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. We use the ebay: search parameter to check. Froogle won't allow a direct submission of an eBay store.

Further, there are places within an eBay store to keyword load for external engines such as the store description, category names and a special search section eBay provides. We use these sections but still, our stores are not doing better than 85% eBay traffic. When you divide the remainder among external engines, it's not much at all.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks much.