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Thread: trying for a new look

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    And once more into the rabbit hole...

    I realize it doesn't pass the "black and white" test, and I'm not sure if the font is readable enough... but I've got a couple more things on my drawing pad I was working on lastnight that I need to put on the computer, so we shall see.

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    and then there is this one... , which is a lot closer to the "black and white" test, but I'm not sure about the font... more to come...

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    and lastly for this morning...
    don't think this one looks as good once it's converted from .fla to .gif...

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    and lastly for this morning...

    don't think this one looks as good once it's converted from .fla to .gif ...

    That's all I got this morning... hope something is getting close...

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    A logo need to be distinct, individual and in some way put across something positive about your business. Read also the stickies at the top of this forum especially those on 'text logos'.

    The one above might just do for a plumber or weldling company, but they carry none of the delicate style and technical competence required for web design.

    Take a look at what other sites do, play around with shapes that are stylish and simple (you'll have trouble reproducing tones in black and how will it look in black & white?)

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    ok... I've ditched everything else and started new. I desided to try something a little bit softer (and hopefully easier on the eyes.

    If this works, I'll just change the colors on the flash page that I'm working on to match up with the logo. Tell me what you think, and if I'm on the right track.


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    Sorry to say Rodney that it still says "amateur".

    You'll not do yourself any favours by using any of the designs shown here so far.


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    Greetings rodnocker,

    I think that you will find this post handy. It is the "7 Logo Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them", it was posted by Grease (WebProWorld Moderator).

    It looks like you are trying to focus more on the "text" style logo. So you might want to take a look at #6... I'll include it below.

    "6) The Text-Only Logo
    A text-only logo severely restricts the ability to express your company’s uniqueness and memorability. Larger, more established businesses can pull off text-only logos with exorbitant marketing budgets. One test of logo's effectiveness (marketing budget's aside) is to alter the letters and see if your logo is still recognizable. If not then you need to seriously consider a visual element. If you just can’t resist a text-only logo, consider a strong, unique typeface – preferably custom made."
    Jeremy Muncy
    Graphic Designer
    iEntry Inc.

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    Time for one more before I call it a night...

    Less emphasis on the text and more on the graphic. I think I like this one better than the others. I still need to smooth the strokes out some, but it's closer to what I'm trying to get at. It started off as a quill pen, and got turned into this.

    Let me know what you think

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    It was cool to see this logo take shape! I like the last one and I think it would be best to make "web design" in black?

    Looking good!
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