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Thread: How do you make an email look like a web page

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    How do you make an email look like a web page

    Because of the technical caliber of people on this forum, I always hesitate to ask questions that show how little I know about the tech side of the web.

    However, I feel that I am really missing something in my marketing efforts because I don't know how to make an email that appears like a web page. I get them from other marketers all the time, and feel they are much more powerful marketing messages than just plain text.

    I would like to add pictures to my text, but dont know how to do it. I don't want to add an attachment because of everyones fear of the garbage that comes with attachments.

    I also have a banner that I wish to make clickable to my URL but don't know the proper code to add to it to make that happen.

    Any non technical explanations are truly appreciated. The explanations need to be very simple as in for (dummies)

    Thanks in advance for any help you may offer in these matters.

    Russ Wilson/Webintel
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    Basically you need to get an email program that allows you to create html emails. This way you can make tables, divisions, pictures, and anything else that you would commonly see in web pages.

    If you use outlook or even gmail now, they both have rick text editors that allow you to place images and links throughout your emails.

    Depending on how web page like you want your emails, outlook could be good, or look for an html email editor. You may need to learn some html to make more professional emails with an html email editor, but for basic ones, outlook should be fine.

    Here is a google search to get you in the right direction:

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    If you open open an HTML page with MS front page, in the file menu there is an option to 'send' the file, and if outlook is set as your default email then the file will automatically appear as a web page in your email.

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    I think a quick way is to create the web page, then view it in internet explorer.
    See, its a web page, then click file, send // page by email.
    Thus, you have done it.
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    A helpful hint.. (possibly)

    Place all the images you want to use in a directory "/e_images/" on your web site.

    In your email, make sure all your image references include the complete url.
    that way.. no attachments necessary..
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    Outlook has a way

    in outlook you can send email by visiting the published page and saving it as a favorite.
    Open the favorite in outlook and then select Actions- and send webpage by email-

    pretty easy really-
    hope that helps

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    jestep has a good tip - use an email editor.

    Most of the other tips only get you an attachment that won't open to a web page until the recipient double-clicks it.

    A more direct route is to use a server-side script that sets up the headers of the email for HTML. Then you can do your HTML coding and it will appear just as "slick" as the spam we all get. (Uggh!)
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    Arial Software makes top-notch e-mail marketing software that will send out HTML e-mails (Although it might not be very simple to use). They give you an HTML editor for you to create the e-mail.

    Also, a company such as Constant Contact offers a service that handles sending out the e-mails you create. They also come with a HTML editor.

    When doing HTML e-mails make sure you also test how the e-mail will look to your visitors. The one e-mail you send may look different in Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail/MSN or any other email client. Make sure the e-mail looks the same no matter what the end-user uses.

    (Good idea to post your e-mail on the Web and put a link in your e-mail to that page. That'll ease worries of compatibility.)
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    HTML Emails

    As far as I can tell, none of the previous suggestions will allow you to send email to an opt-in list, which is the object of the whole exercise. Just sending single emails ain't no good for a webmaster ;-)

    I use a brilliant program called Postman Pro. It's a free download if you don't mind having a little discreet ad for the product at the bottom of all the emails you send out. Try it. It's great.

    Oh BTW you will need to just create your email as a web page in eg Frontpage and as suggested save the pics you use in a non-public folder on your web site. But those things should be easy for you. Postman Pro is what makes it easy to send it out to your mailing list - and it handles HTML or text emails whichever you prefer on the day.
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    All the proposed solutions are for client-side, if you are planning to send e-mails from a server, then you have to set up the email headers to set the HTML property. Step-by-step instructions are:

    1) Create your HTML page (HTMLText)
    2) Set your email headers as follows:
    objMail.From = ""
    objMail.Subject = "Happy Holidays!"

    objMail.BodyFormat = 0
    objMail.MailFormat = 0

    objMail.To = ""
    objMail.Body = HTMLText

    You need to add the lines BodyFormat and MailFormat for the mail to be sent in HTML format.

    3) Send the e-mail: objMail.send

    If you are using SMTP (CDONTS), this is straightforward, I gave you the complete example. The <objMail> is the component that handles the email messaging service. Hope this is what you are looking for.

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