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    I too am wondering what Spunpuppy means? I think that if you stick with that name atleast make the dog look like he's healthy. The different color greens are also not helping this sick look. Good luck, and can't wait to see your changes.

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    I don't know what is so wrong with the puppy itself. He looks spun to me...

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    When I first saw this I thought I must have read it wrong. You really want people to either not get what your business is about or associate it with people feeding drugs to their puppies???

    That's crazy :S

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    My issue with the logo is less the emaciated dog ... er, puppy, than the somewhat clumsy integration of the graphic and the text. The dog has the nervous, edgy background graphic behind it, while the words Spun Puppy, while also done in a "nervous" typeface, are only slightly overlapping a portion of the aforementioned background graphic. I think the two can integrate better, somehow, but that they're not doing so now - at least not in a thoroughly symbiotic way. Perhaps extend the background to encompass both the mongrel and the text.

    I'd also consider dropping the lighter green border surrounding the text as it seems unnecessary.

    Bill M.

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    First thought was your selling dog food or something for dogs. Maybe feed the dog a little more to fill it out some. Those ribs showing are kind of scarey.
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    Like the dog, not sure of the cut out white frame, loose the frame and the dog becomes more dominant?
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    Im sorry but the colors are not that good. Looks like the dog had an accident on a wall...

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    Get a bottle, place a dog on the label the way you want and have it look like it's the bottle in the game spin the bottle. Then, just have some icons or items around it or words maybe?
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    It looks a bit awkward to doesn't flow very well.

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