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Thread: Hi Every One, I'm Serious

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    Hi Ada,

    You should supply your icon and text. The icon should be 32x32, in PNG, GIF or ICO format. If you really have no nice icon, I should be able to find one. Yesterday,
    25% of the visitors were from paid ads, 25% from search engines (organic), 50% from links (websites, blogs, forums).
    You can not assume that there will be always paid ads but you can assume there will be visitors. My goal is to provide a CPC as low as $0.01 for every customer, so it means 10000 visitors minimum to YOUR site. But in 5 years, I think there will be more.
    To pick a good icon and a good text will help.

    Reagrds, S.

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    I have updated the table with all the CPC.
    Already two icons have a CPC under $0.10 ($0.07 and $0.09). After only 26 days, the first customer has already a $0.15 CPC and there is still at least 1790 days to go. Not bad, just compare with other forms of ad.

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    Things are running fine so far.
    The website gets more and more visitors and the return rate is around 10%. Really not bad ;)

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    We should reach our 50,000th visitor this month.
    We are today at 43,037 visitors with 3,664 clicks on paid icons.
    A new auction is running.
    And we have a banner!

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    interesting idea, good going!

    Now that MDH has finally sold out... you might have a few more takers ;-)

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