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Thread: Hi Every One, I'm Serious

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    Hi Every One, I'm Serious


    I have joined recently this board. I have run websites since '96 as a (serious) hobby. I'm a Java developper working mainly on open-source projects. I have display ads (banners, adsense) for paying the bill and I also used different technics to promote my websites (adwords, ...). I recently started a new website totaly focused on traffic and advertising, The Million Dollar Screenshot. The goal is to offer the lowest CPC of the market. I have quickly reviewed this board and the threads look interesting. So expect me to come back regulary.

    Regards, S.

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    Senior Member ADAM Web Design's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Hi Serious, I'm Borderline Psychotic!

    Got to admit...that's a hell of an idea you have there. If I weren't a cheap bastige, I'd take you up on it. :)

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    Don't be cheap, I have good news!
    The icon located at (3,0) will be sold on eBay. Auctions will start very soon at $1 with no reserve. This is the best opportunity to boost your traffic since ... sliced bread (1928, [1]). Icons at (1,0) and (2,0) will also be sold on eBay but later.


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    Hi Serious. Glad you found WPW. Sounds like you plan on talking more and more here. Good to here that.

    What is the price your asking? Do you have a shopping mall icon?
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    Hi wh1,
    I'm not sure I understand your question. Did you visit the site? The price is $100 for five years. There is no shopping mall icon on my desktop yet. Yours would be welcome ;)
    Right now my Today Rank at Alexa is 53,776 (Week Rank 116,553).
    Regards, S.

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    I don't have an icon for a shopping mall. Was just wondering if you had one. Might you have one for a lingere store?
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    Hi Adam,
    The auction has been set. You can get an icon for $1.
    Regards, S.

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    hey serious,
    Good idea looks like the, hope it pays off!

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    Hi Cashcannon,
    Yes, it has been inspired by the MDH. However, I'm selling real pixels ;)
    I don't know if it will pay off but it is already a lot of fun. Anyway, the CPC is already less than $0.15 for the demo icon and less than $0.30 for the first sold icon. And there is still 1800 days to run
    Rgds, S.

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    Do you create the Icon, or would I supply my own? Also how do you get your visitors, strictly from paid ads? If so I would assume you plan continuing this for the entire 5 years that I would be purchasing.

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