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Thread: Web forms via Internet Explorer and disabling the enter key?

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    Web forms via Internet Explorer and disabling the enter key?

    I am sure there must be a way to disable the enter key to submit when using a web form in IE. I have a client who insists that a visitor who fills out his form must use the submit button. Has anyone ever done this? Can it even be done?

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    You can use the tab key and hit 'enter' when you get to the 'Submit' key.

    Sounds like your customer either knows a bit about Web Design, or thinks he/she does. Ask them why? Maybe they have a reservation about something that needs explaining.

    That has actually given me an idea for a post, so ta very much :)
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    We'd like to disable the enter key

    We'd like to disable the enter key entirely for that page and web form, but not sure how we can do it. Does anyone know of a javascript that would work?

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    I pretty sure that is not possible. IE does a lot of stuff to forms automatically. Making "enter" submit it is one that can be a pain sometimes.

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    IIRC, although I haven't used one in years, a non-Javascript way to do this would be to have a "Reset" button as well as as submit button. That way, IE thinks there are two submit buttons.

    Personally, I like the enter feature and have gotten used to it, though. Any time I don't have to click the mouse is time I like to spend.

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