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Thread: List of Shopping Carts

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    Re: List of Shopping Carts

    Are we including monthly paid ones? If so,

    volusion has a decent cart, I like their one page checkout, but their bandwidth options makes it very expensive.
    yahoo stores, i don't like the checkout procedure

    oscommerce, you absolutely have to modify it as the basic version is very basic!
    zen cart, I've found the same as oscommerce

    Still looking for the perfect solution!

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    Re: List of Shopping Carts

    I use RomanCart, however they are based in a european country, and they charge yearly.

    However the rates are very moderate for what they provide.

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    Lightbulb Re: List of Shopping Carts

    Try out a e commerce software which powers India's major ecommerce portals its OctaShop provided by ANMsoft Technologies, Mumbai, India

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    Re: List of Shopping Carts

    How about Shop Maker
    We are a small business but have a fair few customers now and they are very happy with our system

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    Re: List of Shopping Carts

    Due to the growing number of shopping carts on the market more and more people face the problem of switching to different ecommerce platform which is going to be more effective for their business. It that's your case - consider this.

    Do not bother with manual migration - headache is the only thing you'll get. Use some of the web services available, e.g. cart2cart. it will automate the migaration process and ensure you have no data loss.

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    Re: List of Shopping Carts

    Have you had a look at Ecommerce Templates, it's a licensed software at around $150.

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    Re: List of Shopping Carts

    Use oscommerce with new version. If you want to purchase then use x-cart since very reliable even complex SMARTY coding.

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    Re: List of Shopping Carts

    Some shopping carts are as follows.
    2.Zen Cart
    I think Zen cart is best shopping cart.

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    Wink Re: List of Shopping Carts

    Hi there,

    I'm using Zen Cart on this website: Easy Runner - Bristol's Biggest Running Shop - Sports Massage - Online Shop

    The good: search engine friendly, very supportive online community. There are normally 5 or 6 people online looking at the site, they've had sales queries from all over the place.

    The bad: tricky to setup, requires extensive customising to get to look a certain way. Lots of fiddling! Expect a pretty steep learning curve!

    It also isn't intuitive to use, the shop is easy to use for the customer, but the backend is very complicated!

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    Re: List of Shopping Carts

    A great ideas, but very difficult to make it ture. good luck.

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