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Thread: Yahoo is showing Inktomi results

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    Your client is listed in Google.

    Search on Google -

    MSN web page results pull from Inktomi. Looksmart is for the MSN directory listings which are being dropped by MSN so are not always showing up now.

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    Yahoo - Your Thoughts Please ...

    I am anxiously awaiting Yahoo switching from Google to Inktomi. The Inktomi search results I am seeing right now on Msn and Hotbot are terrific for my keywords.

    Does any one have any thoughts on whether these are the results that Yahoo will display when the switch occurs? Will Inktomi like Google change algorithms before the switch? ... soon after?


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    Hi, Kim:

    I've merged your post with this thread. More information is available in this thread.

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    Re: difference in results

    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett
    I'm seeing slightly different results for the search term "dog sleds" but Yahoo still has the "Powered By Google" at the bottom of their page.

    This could indicate Yahoo pulls from a different index?
    Well I am showing "Powered by HP" in the header of the search results. Has anybody seen that?

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    Jumped on Yahoo

    Tell you this, for 3 of our search terms we were in the 100 to 300 range on Google and Yahoo, a year ago we were in the top 20 on both for the same terms and have held in the top 20 on those terms on other major engines. The day Yahoo dropped Google we jumped on Yahoo back into the 20's and on Google no change.
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    Inktomi and Pay per Inclusion

    With Inktomi results on Yahoo and now on MSN, is it a good idea to go ahead and pay the $39 and have a better chance of getting your site listed and fast?

    Has anyone done this with any success?

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    This has come up several times in other threads in the last week, so I guess the mods will move this.....

    Inktomi is a crawler based search engine like Google - if you have good links you will be in it and ranked.

    Inktomi is not a pay for inclusion search engine. You do not have to pay to be in it. All the payment does is guarentee that you will be crawled every 48 hours. This would have no impact on your ranking unless you have a lot of fresh content added every few days.


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    Could you tell me why then that my new sites haven't been crawled at all?

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    You must have been crawled.
    I searched Inktomi for jacksretail, kattskozykorner and and you came in at number one for all of them, so you are in the Inktomi index.

    Were these the sites you are talking about?


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    Maybe we need another forum on getting high placement in Yahoo. I just checked and I am in. Site is only about 3 weeks old. Still nothing in Google or MSN, though.

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