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Thread: Yahoo is showing Inktomi results

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    Yahoo is showing Inktomi results

    Just now i have checked Yahoo and find very different results from Google. Secondly Yahoo has removed "Google Technology" sponsor tag from bottom of its search results.

    Finally Yahoo is showing Inktomi results.

    My source said Yahoo will move into Inktomi on after January 15th, 2004. ;-)

    Please confirm.

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    I am still seeing Google web results at Yahoo with the Google acknowledgement at the bottom of the page.

    Might have been a brief test, there have been a few of those reported.

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    difference in results

    I'm seeing slightly different results for the search term "dog sleds" but Yahoo still has the "Powered By Google" at the bottom of their page.

    This could indicate Yahoo pulls from a different index?

    Also, RLRouse talked about another Google update...

    Garrett French
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    From the research I have done, Yahoo pulls from all over the place including inktomi,google and dmoz. I did read your report Garret and it will bring back to good old days when I see the "powered by inktomi" on the bottom of the page.
    D McGill
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    still Google

    I'm still seeing Google results too, but will be happy to see Ink when it does happen.

    Chris Kramer
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    As above, I still see Google results in Yahoo. Which search engines do you believe you are showing Inktomi results to your queries?
    JW Lynn, Dallas Texas Web
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    Inktomi results are showing sometimes for some users for short times on Yahoo - its just part of the testing that has been going on. Google still appear to be used for the vast majority of searches for now.

    The search engines that use Inktomi are listed on the Inktomi website:

    I use positiontech to check inktomi results (no adverts):


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    Slurp Activity

    I talked with Jim Hedger yesterday and he said Slurp, Inktomi's bot, was crawling like crazy over the weekend.

    I think this is a sign of the big switch coming, but he thinks the switch will be a gradual transition.

    I'm guessing that since Yahoo's showing different results than Google right now that this means they're at least integrating some of Inktomi's index.

    Unless they're pulling from ;)
    Garrett French
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    We have a client who got booted from Google about a month ago. We just submitted his site to Inktomi via their paid inclusion service. He called this morning to say that he showed up on MSN although we have no LookSmart funding. We checked on Yahoo and he is there but not on Google. Here is the site and the term motorcycle helmet.
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    I have one site that is often crawled by inktomi but my other 4 sites I don't see inktomi much. Does this mean I won't have any Yahoo listings now?

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