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Thread: Elevated Graphics logo

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    Elevated Graphics logo

    This is the logo for my graphic design business.

    It's a small (1-2 person at the moment) design business which provides (mainly) small businesses with complete solutions, from design to delivery.

    We are able to do a wide variety of jobs, from offset and digital printing to stickers and labels to patches and clothing and more. We can save the client a lot of footwork by organizing design schedules, delivery, printing schedules, and delivery.

    So, let me know what y'all think. Thanks!
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    I think that your logo is really cool and different. But I was wondering if you are going to keep it that big? With it being that big, the color makes it overpowering. To tell the truth, it hurt my eyes to look at it. Maybe you could make it in a more subtle color, otherwise, thumbs up!

    Check out my great ecard site at
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    logo review

    I like this logo, if you had not told me what it was for though, I would not have known. It has clean lines, beautiful bright color, and stands out amongst the "normal and boring". I would like to see more distinctive logos like this.
    Awesome Unusuals Inc.

    Larry Ellis and Peta Mahoney
    203 East Main Street
    Pretty Prairie, Kansas

    Phone: 620 459 6626
    Toll Free: 1877 823 5303

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    logo size

    All righty, I've made the logo a bit smaller. It should be easier on the eyes, as well as showing how it communicates at smaller dimensions.
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    Re: Elevated Graphics logo

    Why are you posing as my company? Please email me at

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