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    Hey Folks,

    After just over a year of wrangling between ourselves, we have finally arrived at a site design that works.

    We still have one big problem - converting visitors to buyers. Please take a moment to review and let me know what you think, particularly:

    (1) Is it easy enough to figure out what we do quickly
    (2) Would the flow of the site lead you through the sign-up process?

    Thanks in advance for your input.

    Michael Eadie
    Marketing Director
    Nimbit Web Services
    toll free - 866-864-6248
    Michael Eadie
    Marketing Director
    Nimbit Web Services
    Web Services for the Entertainment Industry

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    Re: For Review

    Loads nice and fast. Looks good in IE6. All the elements seem to be there - it is obvious what the site is about, there is a tour and there is help as well as a testimonial. Not sure why you are not getting signups - perhaps you should widen the scope to encompass others not just musicians. Sorry I can't be more helpful.


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    Thanks Nick

    Your input is greatly appreciated.

    Michael Eadie
    Marketing Director
    Nimbit Web Services
    Web Services for the Entertainment Industry

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    Yup and yup. I just needed the top menu to see what you were about. And it has a familiar flow that is easy to navigate. It even looks like a good product.
    How is your traffic? It has to either be a catch in the product that I didn't see, competition from someone else getting your customers, or a lack of visitors.
    I would work on your promotion. Your keywords in the meta tags of the home page aren't very focused. Using the keyword "hosting" will get you nowhere, everyone else on the planet is using that one too. Pound on the musician specific keywords. Offer something free to draw musicians to your site.
    Melissa French, Hidden Content

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    Hi Meadie,

    First of all, I am new to this forum so please feel free to slap me around if I am not following the local rules.

    About the site. I really like the aesthetic of the Nimbit site. It is tightly organized into easily scannable screen regions and the overall feel is very nice. I am not sure what level of feedback is appropriate here, so I will just go a level deeper into high-level usability suggestions.

    My thoughts:

    1. The login/password area is currently occupying the most important real estate on your home page. Only repeat users of your site will use this function, so I don't think it is necessary to take this spot. This should be reserved for a powerful marketing message. You can put the login function in a more discreet area on your home page - perhaps bottom right (see my third suggestion below).

    2. Generally, I think testimonials have a place on a site to give credibility, but in your case you have a much better testimonial (well, not exactly a testimonial...) on your musicians.php page in the form of Aerosmith. The fact that they use your services gives instant credibility to what you are offering, which is the objective of a testimonial, I guess.

    3. The "nimbit mission" area is nice, but should be part of your "company" navigation, if it is really a mission. Also, what you are saying in your mission area is a summary of your service offering, which should be in the "Need help updating your..." area. These two areas are somewhat redundant.

    Anyway, those are just my thoughts.

    - Michael

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    Firstly, I'd just echo netcastles statement on webtraffic. Conversion to sale rates can vary but they are generally depressingly low!

    Also, whilst the site looks good, can I be honest and say that I think you've forgotten your audience.

    You want to attract musicians who either cannot or do not want to be bothered to much with maintaining their own website. They are hoping you will take away some of the technicalities.

    Musicians are artistic people generally not technical. So when you use phrases like "enable them to execute routine updates" I suspect you may well scare off some of your audience.

    My feeling is if you make the text on your site less "high powered business sounding" and more "musician friendly" then you may get more conversions.

    I may be way of mark here, but thats my guess.

    Hope it helps.


    Be successful. Have a web site that drives business to you.
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    Pierpont SD

    Good point

    Kutchka makes a good point. I didn't even think of that. Keeping the target audience in mind is always a good idea, and when you're not selling that becomes even more vital.
    Melissa French, Hidden Content

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    review of nimbit

    top header same color on color difficult to read what the subject or purpose of website ???

    where do you sign up for services on the website ???

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    Site review

    It is clear what you are offering.

    You should offer the free trial account on the home page.
    I think you should let your visitors to try your product from your site somehow. The flash demo is good, but watching something does not equal trying it. I think you could show your visitors how easily HE/SHE can update a site by your product by a little demo page.

    I don't understand why musicians and entertainers only? If you've got a great solution for a problem, then sell it to everyone who needs it!

    Good luck!
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