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Thread: Ask Jeeves Submissions?

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    Ask Jeeves Submissions?

    I've been trying; without success, to find information on how to submit a site to Ask Jeeves. Could you please advise me as how and where we can submit to Ask Jeeves?

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    Apparently, through good indexing from other sites. Keep in mind that emcompasses askjeeves, ask, teoma and excite and others. It's funny that they say they don't accept paid inclusions anymore, but many of their owned web properties do!

    If you don't want to spend any money, make sure you have a robots.txt file and code valid pages, helping other bots find you and as Ask crawls and follow their indicies, they'll eventually find you too.

    Taken from

    Q: How do I register my site/URL with Teoma so that it will be indexed?

    A: We appreciate your interest in having your site listed on Ask Jeeves and the Teoma search engine. It is important to note that we no longer offer a a paid Site Submission program. As a result of some recent enhancements to Teoma, we're confident that we're indexing even more Web pages than ever, and that your site should appear in our Search index as a result of our ongoing "crawling" of the Web for new and updated sites and content.

    If you are the owner/webmaster of a site in question, you may also want to research some online resources that provide tips and helpful information on how to best create your Web site and set up your Web server to optimize how search engines look at Web content, and how they index and trigger based upon different types of search keywords.

    Q: Why aren't the pages the Teoma crawler indexed showing up in the search results at

    A: If you don't see your pages indexed in our search results, don't be alarmed. Because we are so thorough about the quality of our index, it takes some time for us to analyze the results of a crawl and then process the results for inclusion into the database. Teoma does not necessarily include every site it has crawled in its index.

    Good Luck!
    W. R. Mineo

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    At least they are being honest and don't have a 'submit site' page. Google et al have a submit a site that does no good.


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    Too true, sadly, too true!

    I found it ironic though, that they don't offer paid submission or inclusion services but most of the sites they own do. So, I guess if you pay to be listed, they'll pick up that link rather quickly I bet.

    But still nice of them to state - just wish I didn't have to dig for the answer ... it seemed a bit buried. Whereas if you search their site for "add url" or "submit site" you get their promotion entity and lots of sponsored links, but no link to their guidelines stating what I eventually found through persistence.

    W. R. Mineo

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    Go to and see what ppc rates you can get on your keywords. If it is really cheap, do it, they will match what you put in (or they used to) Then go to and read the info on what it looks for in a site. The Mamma system feeds Teoma, when you are in Mamma (kinky)search 'Right to Buy' you will see my site, both in the sponsored and top, that system is not guaranteed, but I have been top on Ask Jeeves for years. It is all about traffic volumes, so active forum work is essential.

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