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    I love this forum and my question is, what can this site use to look better without heavy graphics? Any comments and or critique is welcomed. - The sky is the limit!

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    Junior Member lafe's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    You need to work on a navigatible menu. There is no conistent navigation trhoughout the site. It needs to be in a fixed location.

    The frist page is decent, I think you should use that look throughout the site. The light blue graphics on the proceeding pages don't work too well.

    If you've seen any of my post, I say this all the time. Whenever you're selling something via internet, you need to look commercial. You need to look legit. There are too many webscams out there and the sites are usually not the greates looking sites. When you're selling, your presentation is what's gonna capture the viewer. If that goes wrong, then no sell. So check out some of the commercial sites and see how crisp and clean their graphics are and also the way they present them. As a graphic designer, I value good quality non-pixelated graphics. When I seee them on a site I'm immediately turned off and on to the next. So keep that in mind.

    Also, something that I ask posters. If you came to this site as a brand new customer with no prior knowledge of your credibility, would you buy from this site?

    Hope this helps,


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    Thank you so much for your advise and if you would like to go and check it out then you will know that I'm listening to you:) I'm also listening to SyrenSong, lol, you both have been a huge help:) Her thing was also the navigation, but also she had a dilema trying to find handbags or handbag in the search box, lol. I fixed it, but the search will find handbag as I'm thinking like a customer.
    I'm still working on the legal stuff, so that will take some time days or so and the arrow looking background is going without a replacement as Miva is not that flexable in design.
    In the main page you see the list on top under a blue header menu and those links take you straight to the store, where as the More about moccasins links will keep you in the main web and the descriptive links will take you to the store. So..................what ya think? - The sky is the limit!

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    I'm not sure why I can't get to the "betaindex.htm" page, but I have reviewed you page under the last topic.

    - "lafe" makes a good point, use the first page layout throughout the entire site.
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    one man's opinon

    1. Shrink your home page down so that when someone visits they see the entire page without scrolling.
    2. Your home page should be brief, and clearly state what you do. THATS IT
    3. Dont try to impress people with your page just tell them what you do, if they wnat or need to visit more they will surf your site.
    4. I would add some navigation or links to other pages for instance
    item 2
    item 3
    contact us

    ETC ETC, you get the idea.

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    Betaindex.htm is no longer at

    This topic is now closed, but its good for typing practice, I geuss. The other topics for are still open. - The sky is the limit!

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    Reply for Thomas Briggs

    Hello Thomas,
    Sorry, but I had to close this topic in hopes the webmaster will update this forum and delete this one particulater post without getting rid of the most recent posts.

    To answer your question: I thought about that too, about shrinking the page down, but when that happens and the next time my site is spidered by the search engines then the rank will drop out of site. I've experienced the changes in the search engine stratigy since 1996 and talk about changes, wow, its always changing, but you know, I will definately try it out since I am in the 'Pay to be linked game' with the search engines anyway. Thank you so much for your input, I value everyones:)
    Please if you reply, please pick a different or upto date topic as I made a mess with just one subject, lol, oopsy. Thank you so much and I will listen:) Take care. - The sky is the limit!

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