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Thread: New IFrame advertising?

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    New IFrame advertising?

    I was just contacted by someone at cyberphrases about the new IFrame advertising being offered.

    Supposedly, you buy a key term for 6 months and you own it, so when people search for it an iframe opens in the browser with your website. They show an example if you search for Lexus on their search example, apparently Lexus has signed up.

    Does anybody know about this? Is it supposed to become popular and a good investment?

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    Its a scam. We have had probably 50 people contact us about the same thing.

    After investigating, we found that these companies support and distribute spyware. The spyware is what makes an iframe, popup, pop under, or something else deliver ads to the user.

    Every company we saw boasts huge statistics like they have 30 million users or something similar.

    Don't do it. Not only is it a scam but it can give your company a bad image, for those people who do get their spyware see you company name all over it.

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    On a second note: if you hear the terms 'buy key phrase' or word. Google partner, Overture Parter, or anything that just seems to good to be true, it most likely it. Google partners with no one, same thing goes for Overture, Yahoo or MSN.

    If they come to you, then you can always find a better deal if you go and look for yourself.

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    iframes are such a pain in the... (SHUT YO MOUTH)

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    i should specify, iframe ads that is.

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