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Thread: MSN Australia

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    MSN Australia


    Recently I've sent and had replies to MSN help about one specific issue, but haven't got a clear response yet.

    Relevent engines:
    - (the aussie msn)
    - with "only from australia" ticked.

    My question (shortened from the original email)

    If I search I exist.
    If I search, I exist.
    If I search and tick "only from Australia" then my site cannot be found at all.

    Therefore there is some criteria that NineMSN uses to determine whether a site is "Australian" or not.

    Can you please advise what needs to be done to get into the "only from Australia" results.

    Is it all based on the server on which the domain is hosted?
    Is it possible for the actual domain registration country to be used instead?

    I need to be able to advise clients how to get
    listed in the Australian results.

    So basically I'm just after inclusion, not ranking
    The answer from MSN Help was:

    I would like to inform you that this is a known issue and currently it is by design. We have forwarded this feature request for review in future improvements to the MSN Search.

    MSN Search has comprehensive online help available to you. For more information about features, functions, and issues, click the "Help" link at the top of any MSN Search page.

    Am I stupid, or did they not answer the question?

    This is an issue by design?
    That implies there was a decision or criteria.

    All I want to know is what the criteria are for inclusion in "only in Australia".

    Surely that shouldn't be a secret. It should be basic knowledge available to Australians on how to get into their own index.

    Who knows how long or far away "future improvements" are.

    After 3 emails dancing around the issue, I'm wondering if anyone else with an Aussie site, who hosts overseas, is able and willing to take it up as well, and ask MSN for a clear answer on inclusion criteria.

    Because it definitely is NOT available on the online guidelines and help screens. Nowhere does it mention hosting or registration details.

    ta Chris

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    None of the search engines provide any information on how to be listed in results when searching for "only in <region>"

    How can any search engine be expected to return your example when looking for sites "only in Australia" - it is a .com site hosted in Canada ---

    Most search engines appear to use some sort of algorithm primarily based on country of server location and top level domain. In Google server location appeas to carry more weight. I have not taken time to look at how MSN do it.

    If you want to be listed in "Australia" use a .au TLD and have the site hosted in Australia --


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    Yes I know it's logical that I am not in there, if it is based on the server and domain.
    But they were economic decisions for a world wide web before the local index existed.

    And really, you should be able to submit to a local index, especially if you were willing to provide a local phone number for verfication.

    Google told me it was purely server location. Not domain.

    And surely domain registration country should be relevent. Because mine are always Australia.

    I'll keep trying.

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    I have several .com's and and several's under my control and the only issue I have been able to discover is .au for a listing under "Australian Sites Only".

    Cheers ... Dave

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    The only thing I have seen that matters is where the server is located.

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