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Thread: Submit to this directory, DO NOT need link back.

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    I am getting same error as CBP.
    Something does not work as it should?

    Regards, Zoreli

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    Wouldn't accept my site with link back. Rats.
    Belinda Charpentier
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    I have also added my site to your directory

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    That site is complete bs. i tried adding my URL and it kept giving me


    We could not find the reciprocal link at the specified URL. Please place the reciprocal URL to our website on your own site prior to submitting the submission form.

    I even tried adding the thread link as the reciprocal link. but it didn't work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbp
    I tried again and got this error:

    You must enter the URL where you've put the reciprocal link
    I never reciprocate links to directories (link farms)

    I prefer the ABC model.

    Site A(directory) Links to Site B(Categorized site), and in return Site C (The third site) links to Site A.

    I do agree that direct reciprical links aren't really worth it.

    I have several openings for link exchanges from PR4-6 websites. 3-way link exchanges preferred. PM me for details

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    You guys still having issues with his site?
    Anyone email him and let him know about the issues?
    So, here's the signature... Sans bold...

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    Now Requires Link Back

    I just tried to post one of my PR4 sites in the currently empty fitness sub category and it wouldn't take. On closer inspection there is a notice stating that now that the directory has 1000 entries it now requires a LB.

    - Cheers
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    Party Planning Directory

    We just added your link to the "Directories & Search Engines" section of our party-planning directory at .

    Please add our link by visiting . Thanks!
    Link to us...
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    I just add and add a link back too.

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