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Thread: Tracking FedEx and UPS packages on Google

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    Tracking FedEx and UPS packages on Google

    Search technology giant Google has quietly rolled out a new Web search feature that lets users track FedEx and UPS packages as part of its continuing push to expand beyond basic keyword queries.

    The addition of numbers tracking adds to the nifty features the Mountain View, Calif.-based firm has added in recent months, including glossary feature to troll the Web for definitions, a calculator and local search service that allows users to segment their searches by location, including address or zip code.

    In addition to FedEx and UPS parcels, Google's new feature will return results for patents and other specialized numbers like FAA aircraft registrations and FCC equipment identification numbers.

    In a help note, Google said a user could simply type "fedex" followed by a space and a FedEx tracking number to get the latest information on the location of a package.

    For UPS packages, users can simply enter the tracking number and get up-to-the-minute information.

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    They have also added:
    Travel Conditions:
    " See delays and weather conditions at a particular airport. -- type
    the airport's three letter code followed by the word "airport." "

    The FedEx one is part of searching databases by numbers:
    Search By Number:
    "Use Google to access package tracking information, US patents, and a
    variety of online databases."


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    quiet rollout

    Definitely some cool features that should help Google maintain a major player; however, I wonder at the lack of fanfare. I picked up this particular article through two of the newsletters that I subscribe to; however, neither ISP-Planet nor daily are particularly widely read newsletters.

    I wonder how many people actually click on the "Services and Tools" link and then on into Google Features. I know that I hadn't in a long time until you pointed the page out.

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